Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Hunter Moon

Title - Hunter Moon
Author - Jeanette Battista
Series - Moon Series #4
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal 
Publication November 21st 2012
Format - Physical copy from author


With the threat of a werehyena takeover dealt with, Kess, Finn, and Rafe can finally enjoy the tentative peace Miami has to offer. As Kess moves forward with her decision to open up the territory to peaceful weres, she knows that the Keepers of Divine Order—a group of werejackal assassins—are watching her every move. If her plan fails, she knows they won’t hesitate to eliminate her and her friends.

When several werehyenas suddenly disappear and Mebis, the Keeper assigned to Miami, goes unexpectedly missing, Kess fears the worst. But even she’s unprepared for this latest threat: a hunter hiding in plain sight whose only goal is killing werecreatures. Can Kess and her friends survive this most dangerous game?


I received hunter moon in return for an honest review.  Things are starting to settle down for Kess now that the werehyena’s are no long a threat. Kess hopes to open Miami up to all the weres who are interested by creating a council instead of just one alpha in charge. That way everyone will have a voice starting with Rafe and Finn. However Rafe’s old pack mates start missing, they also learn that Mebis is also missing, causing the council to look for solutions. It’s while looking for Mebis that Kess bumps into Lukas a stranger who is new to town whom she suspects is a were. While trying to find out more about him, she finds his collection of animal trophies he’s collected over the last three years. One trophy catchers her eye as a golden jackal just like the missing Mebis.

As the trio realizes that Lukas is not a were but a hunter who has his eyes set on hunting Kess they start taking actions to protect her.  Finn calls in Cormac to protect Kess he also tells his girlfriend Laila that her brother has been missing. When Laila arrives in town Kess tells her the truth about Mebis showing her the photo she took. Laila blames Kess for not taking care of her brother and sets out to get her revenge on the hunter avoiding the council and Finn. Laila learns that Lukas is working the a deal making demon, but the demon seems to be interested in her. With the new arrival of a keep to return Laila the group is running out of time to catch the hunter before it’s too late.

Hunter Moon is a well balanced mix of mystery and suspense that keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Even though we have an insight into Lukas’s point of view which I think is very interesting. To me I’m always curious as to why they do what they do the bad guys. Of course I still love Kess but Laila is growing on me more and more there is something about that girl. Maybe it’s because she comes across in the books as a kick-ass-heroine at least that’s how I see her. I mean Kess is tough but I’d rather face Kess then Laila plus I would want her on my side. The characters are evolving in each book getting better and better as they get older. Rafe has come progressed so much from his the start of the last book he’s growing into a strong male character. I found the whole story captivating right from the start, and didn’t put it down till I was finished reading the whole this afternoon.  I’m curious to see what happens next in the series based on the way things are left in the book. The Moon Series is becoming one of my favorite shape-shifter series. I just love the stories and the characters so much.

5 out of 5 

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