Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Coffeehouse Angel

Title - Coffeehouse Angel
Author - Suzanne Selfors
Genre - YA Paranormal Romance
Publication - July 21st 2009
Format - Kindle Ebook


From the author of Saving Juliet comes a romantic comedy that is good to the last drop. When Katrina spots a homeless guy sleeping in the alley behind her grandmother’s coffee shop, she decides to leave him a cup of coffee, a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans, and some pastries to tide him over. Little does she know that this random act of kindness is about to turn her life upside down.  Because this adorable vagrant, Malcolm, is really a guardian angel on a break between missions. And he won’t leave until he can reward Katrina’s selflessness by fulfilling her deepest desire. Now if only she could decide what that might be . . .


I picked up Coffeehouse Angel for two reasons one I love coffee shop books and for the paranormal challenge since it involves an Angel. Katrina’s parents died in a car wreck when she was a child so she was raised by her grandparents and she grew up in the family Scandinavian coffeehouse run by her grandparents. After her grandfather passes away all the responsibility fall on her grandmother who isn’t the best at finances, but it doesn’t help that right next door is a new bigger modern organic coffee shop trying to run them out of business.

Early one morning Katrina’s taking the garbage out when she finds a strange boy passed out wearing a kilt, which she suspects is homeless. However scared of the stranger she leaves him a cup of hot coffee, pastries and chocolate covered coffee beans. When she returns to see if he’s still there, she finds he’s gone as well as the food she left him. She shrugs it off and heads to school assuming she’s seen the last of the stranger in the alley when he suddenly interrupts the morning meeting looking for her. Little does Katrina know that the good deed she did will change her life forever.

When she meets with the stranger he tells her that she must be rewarded for her good deed and that she must tell him what her heart desires. However Katrina doesn’t know what her heart desires so he decides that she would want fortune and gives her a chocolate coffee bean that will bring her fortune but she’s not thrilled with the idea of eating it so she doesn’t. After insistence from her best friend Elisabeth they grind the bean up before they can drink it her best guy friend drinks it and pours out the nasty stuff. It’s while driving to school that Vincent saves a rich guy from dying making him a local hero that the girls realize the bean was real. After another bean attempt that ends in disaster Katrina’s life can’t get much worse but they are about to lose the coffee shop.

Coffeehouse Angel is adorable. It’s a clean YA paranormal romance which though limited is really sweet. I’ve always been a huge fan of clean sweet romance books so when I found this one it just met all my expectations. The book touches on real life issues that teens face every day which I really enjoyed. I think Katrina is a fantastic character she’s easy to connect with, plus she deals with stuff most teens deal with and some not so normal stuff. The story is beautifully written I started this book this morning and had a hard time putting it down. I even listened to it via kindle while running around town because I had to know what was going to happen next.  I feel that Coffeehouse Angel is one of those books teens and adults will both love, it’s a great story that captures you heart. This is my first book by Suzanne Selfors but I’m sure it won’t be my last; I look forward to reading more of her books. 

5 out of 5 stars

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  1. this sounds so cute and heartwarming!

    and really, you had me at "coffee".