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Review: The Little Mermaid

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I'm such a slacker it's been a crazy month plus with prep to move it's been super insane I don't know where the time has gone.

The Little Mermaid
by Hans Christian Andersen
Publication 1837


For as long as she can remember, the little mermaid has yearned for her 15th birthday, when she will finally be old enough to explore the world above the waves. Awash with the evocative colors of the sea, Hans Christian Andersen's bittersweet tale comes to life. 


The little mermaid tells the story of the youngest daughter of the sea king. When her sisters turn sixteen they have their first view of the world above the sea. As her sisters each turn sixteen and return with stories the littlest mermaid can’t wait to explore the above world. On her first visit she comes across the handsome prince who she watches aboard his ship. When the ship is destroyed in the storm the little mermaid helps him to land. After returning to her home in the sea she can’t stop thinking about her prince, and her sisters even take her to his castle. Upon seeing her prince the little mermaid can’t think of nothing but being with him, if he can love her then she will gain an immortal soul which is what she desires. The little mermaid seeks out the sea witch where she trades her voice for a pair of legs.

When she gets to the shore she drinks the potion the witch made for her an imaginary knife cuts through her fin creating a pair of legs. With each step it’s like walking on knives but for her it’s worth it. She instantly connects with the prince even though she can’t speak and has his heart until he meets the princess his parents want him to marry. Upon meeting the princess whom he thinks saved his life he’s instantly in love forgetting his little mermaid. Knowing her hours and limited the little mermaid accepts that on the break of dawn she will become sea foam but her sisters arrive giving her a dagger to kill and save her life.

I've seen the Disney movie a zillion times it’s one of my daughter’s favorite movies so we watch it weekly. I can honestly say I've never read the original before but it’s an intriguing story.  Even though the Disney follows along for most of the story it has a classical happy ever after while the little mermaid in the original story doesn't have a happy ever after. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have enjoyed the little mermaid without a happy ever after. So in this case I preferred the Disney over the original it’s just a little sad and depressing. 

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