Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Know Me Better"

Know Me Better February 19th 2013

This Weeks Questions:

Pieces of Advice you have for aspiring writers?
Favorite TV show when you were younger?

What would we find if we looked under your bed?
Book Store or Library?
Heads or Tails?

Pieces of Advice you have for aspiring writers? Eek I guess I would say don't give up and if you get a bad review don't let it get you down. 

 Favorite TV show when you were younger? "Jem and the Holograms" I can't remember how old I was but my mom maid me a Jem costume for Halloween. I've been trying to get my 3 year old interested since they are all on instant play netflix but she's not. I also love and still love " I Love Lucy" she kills me and I joke because my hubby likes a soft bed and I prefer hard that we will have beds just like them. 

What would we find if we looked under your bed? Not a thing. I'm packing to move on base in a few weeks and I checked but if you looked before I looked under it you would have found several pairs of shoes and cat toys.

Book Store or Library? Neither. I know it's horrible to say. I can't use the Library because I have a 3 year old who used to destroy my books if I left them low. Or my cat when he's mad will pull them off the shelf and chew on them though I think I curbed that habit  Plus as kid I was horrible at bringing them back and now a day I love to fill up the book shelves. So I buy to keep forever. I do most of my book shopping online at Amazon or a few other sites. Why? because all I have is a Barnes and Noble in the area all the little guys have closed up. 

Heads or Tails?  I always just take what the hubby didn't. 

Now it's your turn to share your own answers 

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