Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spotlight: Fingerprints

Spotlight: Fingerprints

by Marcia Leonard
Mystery Suspense 
Published April 24th 2012
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Fingerprints is a murder/suspense novel with a love story-and a Multiple Personality Disorder thrown in. It's horrifying when the police come and arrest Julie's son Jeffrey for the murder of the doctor whose body she and Jeff found. But it's also dismaying when tough, independent Julie realizes she's falling for the lawyer she hired to defend Jeff. Clark, the lawyer, has his own shocking problems. The woman he goes to visit in the institution is only one of the personalities of his beloved wife-not the one who killed their little daughter. Liz, the doctor's killer, is perfectly happy with how the police investigation is turning out. And she'll kill again to keep it that way. Will Jeffrey be acquitted and the real killer exposed? Find out where the fingerprints lead

A little teaser bio for Marcia Leonard
I grew up in New York, studied chemistry, and worked in that field for a number of years. My writing is totally self-taught—I’ve got a shelf full of books on “Plot,” “Dialogue,” “Character,” etc.—so it’s exciting that people are enjoying my book “Fingerprints” so much. All those 5-star reviews on Amazon, and then a really terrific review in the Maine Sunday Telegram!

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming review and interview. 

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