Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Coveted

Title - Coveted
Author - Shawntelle Madison
Series or Standalone - Series Book 1 in the Coveted Series. 
Genre - Urban Fantasy Werewolves
Published April 24th 2012 
Rating 5 out of 5 



For werewolf Natalya Stravinsky, the supernatural is nothing extraordinary. What does seem strange is that she’s stuck in her hometown of South Toms River, New Jersey, the outcast of her pack, selling antiques to finicky magical creatures. Restless and recovering from her split with gorgeous ex-boyfriend, Thorn, Nat finds comfort in an unusual place: her obsessively collected stash of holiday trinkets. But complications pile up faster than her ornaments when Thorn returns home—and the two discover that the spark between them remains intense.
Before Nat can sort out their relationship, she must face a more immediate and dangerous problem. Her pack is under attack from the savage Long Island werewolves—and Nat is their first target in a turf war. Toss in a handsome wizard vying for her affection, a therapy group for the anxious and enchanted, and the South Toms River pack leader ready to throw her to the wolves, and it’s enough to give anybody a panic attack. With the stakes as high as the full moon, Nat must summon all of her strength to save her pack and, ultimately, herself.

Opening Teaser

Werewolves in no shape or form should own a fast food restaurant. No pancakes, no frozen custard, and for goodness sake, my people needed to stop peddling pizza. In my opinion, any establishment where my food could potentially grow microscopic wildlife wasn’t my kind of place to eat. That pretty much left fire-grilled food on the menu, and the only good thing any werewolf grilled well these days was a well-done burger. And Archie’s sold the best double-stacked burger on this side of the Toms River. If the animal walked and men speared it, then Archie burned it the best.


Natalya is a werewolf she didn't become one from a attack she was born that way and grew up in a werewolf family. She's been cast out of her pack for something she did that was against the rules. She's dealing with her break up with Thorn the next alpha werewolf she's still in love with him so it's rough for her seeing him. So just like any other heartbroken she learned to deal with it in a way of collecting holiday items mainly Christmas ornaments. IT doesn't help she works at an antiques store run by a goblin where they deal with supernatural beings all day long. 

Natalya is attending a support group for her hoarding issues where she's meets the handsome Nick who is also a hoarder at her support group. Nick also happens to have a thing for Natalya but she can't seem to get over Thorn. As if that's not enough she has to worry about the Long Island werewolf pack coming after her for something she did in her past. 

I love werewolf books and this one was no exception I really enjoyed it. I started this book before heading to bed, and ended up reading it all before heading to bed.  I loved Natalya she's a great character she's not perfect she has OCD and is a holiday hoarder. I'm kinda rooting for Nick because he stands up for her which is something I don't really see Thorn doing. I like all the different supernatural characters in the book it feels more like a community. I had to put the book down to tell my hubby the funny stuff going on in the story. Good thing he was staying up late or he may not have liked me waking him up. It's a fast paced story full of adventure to keeps you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next one I want to know what happens with Natalya. 

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