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Captive Omega from Ember L. Nicole is releasing July 31st! Have you preordered this emotional omegaverse?


I was an omega in heat.

One wrong choice.

And I lost everything.

For two years, I’ve longed to flee my cage. Alphas bought me, traded me, and constantly abused me. They taught me the only good alpha is a dead alpha. Now, I'm a pregnant omega with no hope of escape until one desperate act changes everything.  

It was going to be me against the world until Lucas Security hurtled into my life. I have never met three men more determined to protect me. But it’s going to take more than two delicious smelling alphas to convince me I can trust them, or a handsome beta on a mission to impress me. 

Garrison, Blaine, and Vaughn have nothing I want. They seem to have a default mode set to guard me, and they drop everything to take me to doctor’s appointments. But I know better. This world has taught me to rely only on myself. Trouble is hunting me down, and if I want to survive, I might just have to put my faith in Pack Lucas. 

I’ve spent years learning to keep people out. So why do I keep wanting to let them in?

CAPTIVE OMEGA is book two in an interconnected Omegaverse series. It features a traumatized heroine and three possessive heroes looking to dote on their precious omega. HEA guaranteed. For readers 18+.

Content Warning:

At its core, this book is about love & healing, however the heroine in this book has suffered from physical, sexual, verbal, and mental abuse. Much of that abuse occurs off page, but it is referenced throughout and revealed through limited (and brief) flashbacks. It also contains some darker themes are listed below. 

Potential Triggers: 

- explicit sexual content

- graphic violence

- includes a scene that could be triggering to those who have experienced a miscarriage (though there is no miscarriage)

- attempted SA (not committed by the harem)

- references to past SA & rape (not committed by the harem)

- reference to death/loss of a family member

- references to drugging

- references to human trafficking + kidnapping

- fatal car crash (leading to survivor's guilt)

- depression, anxiety, & PTSD

About the Author:

Ember is a romance author from London. When she's not hunched over her keyboard, you will find her with her nose buried in a book, trying out new recipes, or annoying her partner by listening to the same five songs on repeat.

Author Links:

Instagram: @authorembernicole

Tiktok: @emberleenicole

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