Thursday, June 13, 2024

Book Review: A Rivalry of Hearts

Title - A Rivalry of Hearts 
Author - Tessonja Odette 
Genre - Contemporary, Romance, Historial Fiction 
Format - Arc-ebook 
Publication date: June 12th 2024
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Two rival writers.

One prestigious publishing contract.

A bargain of hearts and seduction.

They say never bargain with the fae. They also say don’t get drunk on fae wine. Yet romance author Edwina Danforth has managed a blunder with both on her first visit to the infamous faelands. Now she's trapped in a magic-fueled bet she barely remembers with a man she’d be happier to forget. The terms? Whoever can bed the most lovers during their month-long dueling book tour wins a coveted publishing contract.

The win should be easy for Edwina. She’s known for penning scintillating tales of whirlwind romance. There’s just one her imagination vastly exceeds her bedroom experience. But when failure means plummeting her career back into obscurity, losing isn’t an option.

Her handsome fae rival, William Haywood, poses an even greater challenge. Not only are his looks as aggravatingly perfect as his track record behind closed doors, but he has his own reasons for playing to win, and he won’t go down without a fight. Unless, of course, it’s a different kind of going down. In that case, he’s fair game.

Edwina and William clash in a rivalry of romance. But what happens when their objects of desire…turn out to be each other?

A Rivalry of Hearts is a spicy standalone adult fantasy romcom in the Fae Flings and Corset Strings series. Every book in the series can be read on its own in any order and ends with a HEA. If you like academic rivals, enemies to lovers, and quirky heroines, then you’ll love this sizzling tale.

The Fae Flings and Corset Strings series is set in the same world as The Fair Isle Trilogy and Entangled with Fae . Journey back to this beloved fae world or fall in love for the first time.


I received A Rivalry of Hearts in return for an honest review from The Nerd Fam. 

I love Edwina she's such a great character to rival William as they are thrust into competition for the publishing contract. They have instant spark and banter that had me giggling throughout the story. I enjoyed the connections with our supporting characters they just enhanced the story they. I really felt like I could connect with Edwina which I really enjoyed she was my favorite but I also really liked William's story. 

A Rivalry of Hearts is a sweet rom-com that I throughly enjoyed and ended up devouring over one long afternoon. The characters are engaging and I just loved them all. The story is a perfect balance of story with just the right amount of spice that kept me swooning through the book. The author has done a lovely job creating a captivating beautiful story. 

When I saw this one I knew I had to sign up for it as I've been on a historical romance kick add in the fae and I was sold. I loved every moment of it and struggled to put it down so I finished it in one day. This is my first book by the author but I'm hooked on her storytelling it was easy to get drawn into Edwina and Williams story. This is perfect for fans who enjoy a rom-com with great character banter and swoon worthy fae. I can't wait to read the next one in the series, and explore the authors other books. 

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  1. Ooh nice review! I can't wait to read this one! I discovered Tessonja maybe 2 years ago? Still trying to get caught up on her backlist but I immediately added this one to my stacks once I heard what it was about! I love her Entangled with Fae series! I'm 3 books in so far and it's just adorable! There's 5 to date with possibly more to come, then I have 2 other trilogies of hers to read! So I'm pretty well stocked up! Glad to hear that this one was enjoyable! Great review!