Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Book Review: Love the Way You Spy

Title -  Love The Way You Spy
Author - Lexi Blake
Genre - Slow Burn, Romance, 
Format - Arc eBook Review Copy
Published - September 19th 2023
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 Tasha Taggart isn’t a spy. That’s her sisters’ job. Tasha’s support role is all about keeping them alive, playing referee when they fight amongst themselves, and soothing the toughest boss in the world. Working for the CIA isn’t as glamorous as she imagined, and she’s more than a little lonely. So when she meets a charming man in a bar the night before they start their latest op, she decides to give in to temptation. The night was perfect until she discovers she’s just slept with the target of their new investigation. Her sisters will never let her hear the end of this. Even worse, she has to explain the situation to her overprotective father, who also happens to be their boss.

Dare Nash knew exactly how his week in Sydney was going to go—attending boring conferences to represent his family’s business interests and eating hotel food alone. Until he falls under the spell of a stunning and mysterious American woman. Something in Tasha’s eyes raises his body temperature every time she looks at him. She’s captivating, and he’s committed to spending every minute he can with her on this trip, even if her two friends seem awfully intense. He doesn’t trust easily, but it’s not long before he can imagine spending the rest of his life with her.

When Dare discovers Tash isn’t who she seems, the dream turns into a nightmare. She isn’t the only one who deceived him, and now he’s in the crosshairs of adversaries way out of his league. He can’t trust her, but it might take Tasha and her family to save his life and uncover the truth.


I received Love the Way You Spy in return for an honest review from Valentine PR.

Tasha's a spy but doesn't take on the role of field agent but more of a role of running the whole operation. She's in a unique situation she works with her family while other teams rotate around they stay together making one of a kind teams. What should have been a night out before settling in to watch from behind the screen as her agents work the OP has quickly spiraled out of control. Thanks to her one night stand with a man she can't get out of her head she finds herself in the role of field agent. What happens when the truth comes out? 

I love Tasha she's a great character you can't help cheering on through the whole story as she and Dare start a whirlwind romance. I love Dare he's got some issues but he complements Tasha so perfectly it just works and they bring out what the other needed. Plus they have this undeniable spark connection that is sweet and oh so steamy. I loved all the characters that are in Tasha's team they each bring something to the story just making it better. I think next to Tasha Kenzie may be my favorite. 

This is a new trope for me the whole spy/agent romance my first book and now I need to read them all. I found the whole story intriguing I ended up devouring it in one afternoon unable to put it down till the very last page. I need a pair of Lou's glasses because they sound awesome the author did a great job of making the story feel real very Jame Bondish but I think that's what I loved. Plus the steamy parts are just so perfectly done. 

This is my first book by the author and it doesn't disappoint the author has done a beautiful job creating a story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I loved everything about the story it was a lovely blending or story and romance that kept me on my toes till the very end. I loved the side characters each one I hope to see in the next book and so much potential for HEA. I'm addicted to Lexi Blake's story telling it was easy to get lost till the last page. The only problem I had was when it ended. I wanted more and need the next book now. 

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