Thursday, September 21, 2023

Book Review: Fallen Dragon

Title - 
 Fallen Dragon
Author - Bree Westland 
Genre - Slow Burn, Romance, 
Format - Arc eBook Review Copy
Published - September 21st 2023
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  He can’t trust her, but it might take Tasha and her family to save his life and uncover the truth.


I received Fallen Dragon in return for an honest review from IndIe Pen PR. 

Avery Beckett has issues things have spiraled out of control sine he was kicked out of his family. When his family needs him to use his special gift Charlie is the only one who can bring him back. Will they be able to survive the looming attack or will Avery be to late. 

I really like Avery he's broken, has long term trauma but he's so real as a character. It as interesting seeing the former alpha dragon learning to deal with his issues that have been plaguing him. I love Charlie she's just a sweetheart and perfect complement to Avery. The Chemistry between they just works so well. 

I've always been a huge dragon shifter romance reader but this one has some unique twists which I found exciting. The story behind the shifters is equally interesting that the used to be a alien race at one time before they ended up on earth. The characters are easy to connect with while they may not be human they are dealing with very real issues and I liked that a lot.

This is my first book by the author but I'm hooked on her captivating story telling. I loved the steamy romance between the shifters and their fated mates. It was action packed with just the right amount of spice that doesn't overwhelm the story. I ending up devouring Fallen Mate in just a few short hours. I'm looking foward to exploring the rest of the series. 

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