Thursday, August 3, 2023

Manga Review: Like a Butterfly

Title - 
 Like a Butterfly 
Author - suu Morishita 
Series - Like a Butterfly Vol 1
Genre - Manga 
Format - Arc Kindle Copy
Published - July 4th 2023
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Would you rather wait for love like a flower, or fly toward love like a butterfly?

Suiren Shibazeki is often compared to a beautiful flower—but one that grows on the tallest peak of a mountain, forever out of reach. When Suiren develops feelings for the quiet Taichi Kawasumi, however, she doesn’t want to be a distant flower. She’d rather leave her lofty perch and fly toward him like a butterfly.

After Kawasumi rescues her from an unwelcome admirer, Suiren finds herself captivated by him. However, Suiren is too shy to speak to anyone, much less this reserved karate boy. What’s more, Suiren isn’t the only one interested in Kawasumi. Will a class trip offer the opportunity to reveal her feelings before it’s too late?


I received  Like a Butterfly in return for an honest review from the publisher. 

Suiren doesn't talk to very many people she's always been this beautiful yet on another level girl. When she has a chance encounter with Kawasumi who defenders her everything changes. She doesn't want to be the quiet admired girl she wants to follow her heart and show him who she really is. 

I really liked Suiren as a character she may not be a chatterbox but we know what she's thinking and I felt I could really relate to her. I like that Kawasumi isn't the typical hero but actually a shy guy who isn't the fitting the typical mode he's shy and quiet. I like that we also get to know their friend groups a bit throughout the volume. 

Like a Butterfly is an adorable slow burn sweet romance. I enjoyed the story it sweet to see shy characters falling in love and not insta love like so many. I also thought the artwork was lovey for manga each page is very detailed and beautifully done. I just really enjoyed the story and the artwork it's one I plan to add to my shelf in the future. I can't wait for the next one to come out and see Suiren and Kawasumi navigate their new budding relationship. 

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