Friday, August 11, 2023

Book Review: Moon Pledged by Sara Snow

Title - 
 Moon Pledged 
Author - Sara Snow
Series - Gemini Wolves #1
Genre - Paranormal Romance, Suspense, Werewolves, 
Format - Arc eBook Review Copy
Published - August 11th 2023
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Every family has its secrets... but mine hides a shadowy, supernatural reality that I've just found out about.

I thought I was just an ordinary student. Teetering on the edge of another monotonous academic year, my life was mundane at best. That was until my twin sister, my other half, vanished into the ether after a party.

I reported her disappearance to the authorities. Yet their blank stares and hollow words confirmed what I feared most: they wouldn't lift a finger to find her.

Enter Gunner Howlson...



A man exuding a primal aura that made my skin prickle in fear, and something... more. He was an alpha-hole, yet he held out a tantalizing possibility: he could help me find Anita.

My sister hadn't just disappeared. She was seized, whisked away to a secret breeding factory hidden in the shadowy underbelly of our world. A place where nightmares are born and innocents transformed into soldiers for a macabre army.

Can I master my latent powers in time? Will I rescue Anita from her dire fate? Or will I plunge into the darkness, forever lost in the shadows?

The fate of my sister, and perhaps the world, rests in my hands.


I received Moon Pledged in return for an honest review from the author. 

Gabby is struggling to make it though life after the loss of her parents she still sits at home watching the shows they used to watch and cooking the food her mom cooked. While her twin sister has accepted and continued to live. When her twin wants her to attend a rave she declines but her sister never comes home. Gabby has to find Anita but the cops don't seem to care and the only one willing to help is Gunner but his theory of werewolves is a little far fetched for Gabby. At least until introduces her to a secret world that her parents keep from them. Will she find Anita before it's to late? 

I love Gabby she reminds me a lot of myself I lost my mom about the same age she did. I still all these years later cook just like her and watch our favorite shows. So I felt I could really connect with her except I wasn't lucky enough to have a secret world full of werewolves in my family tree. While he's kind an alpha-hole which is my favorite type of guy I really like Gunner he's the perfect complement to Gabby and they have this sweet chemistry.

Moon Pledged is the first in an exciting new series filled with secrets and intrigue sprinkled with romance. Like true Sara Snow fashion the book just sucks you in I ended up reading it in one session and dying that it was over. I need to know what's going to happen next. I've always loved the werewolf theme and each new series by Sara Snow always take a new unique spin on the werewolf concept which refreshes and makes it new and interesting. 

I truly loved Moon Pledged the characters are amazing you can't help loving them and the story is beautiful written. Sara Snow is a very talented storyteller and every book I've read from her has been just fabulous. I highly recommend checking out Moon Pledged but really check them all out each series she's written several wonderful werewolf series. 

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