Thursday, March 23, 2023

Book Review: Zeus' Spark

   Title - Zeus' Spark
Author -Ember-Raine Winters
Series - Halfling Academy #1 
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Format - Arc Review Copy
Published - March 23rd 2023
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Welcome to Halfling Academy, where the Greek Gods are real and danger lurks around every corner.

Students at Halfling Academy are going missing, and with each passing day, the wards around the school are failing.

The monsters of myth are on the attack, and even Zeus’ daughter, Beth, is helpless to stop it.

So when the oracle names Beth the champion who will save the school, she and her friends all fear that their eagerness to do whatever it takes won't be enough.

But for Beth, bravery isn’t the only thing this quest will require. It will require that she trust the boy who once betrayed her heart: Jayden.

Whoever is bringing the monsters back doesn’t just want to destroy the academy, though. They have plans. Plans to overthrow the king of the gods and devastate the entire world.

Fans of Zodiac Academy and Half-blood Academy will love this fast-paced Urban Fantasy academy romance.

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I received Zeus' Spark in return for an honest review. 

Beth has only been at Halfling Academy for a short period of time when classmates start going missing. She's only just learned about being the daughter of Zeus, and his demigod heir at the moment. It's up to Beth and her bestie Raven to figure out what's happening to the Academy before it's to late. They are sent on a quest with Raven's boyfriend Greyson a wolf shifter and the one boy that Beth was hoping to avoid Jayden. Together to set out to save their missing classmates but along the way they learn that this is only the beginning. 

I really liked Beth she's perfect as our heroine she's not perfect but I think that's what makers her so charming. Next is Raven the daughter of Ares which makes an excellent fighter and supportive best friend. The guys are Greyson who is a werewolf shifter his mate is Raven which is a unique pair. Last but not least is Jayden he broke Beth's heart and ever since has been trying to win her back. The more time they spend together the harder it is for her to stay mad at him. 

I love the demigod concept as I'm a little obsessed with mythology fiction novels. I only had one complaint I wanted to read Beth's story before she arrived at the academy I felt I missed out on some key information. Plus I would have enjoyed Beth and Jaydens love story from the beginning. However, the story is peppered with little teasers of what happened in the past which I liked. The story was fast paced, action packed and steamy all my favorite things. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what they would encounter next. The author has done a beautiful job creating a captivating story that captures the heart as well as the imagination and I can't wait for the next one. Perfect for fans of mythology. 

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