Friday, March 10, 2023

Book Review: Fallen Mate

    Title - Fallen Mate
Author - Sara Snow
Series - Fallen Blood #2 
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - March 10th 2023
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“You two look cozy,” Johnny said, eyeing Aria and I. “Last I saw, you were either at each other’s throat or pretending to hide your attraction to each other. What changed?”

“Besides the near-death experience you mean?” I asked dryly, as Aria squirmed.

Things have taken a nosedive into proverbial hell for me.

But at least I’ve got my mate with me. And a hot smart-assed angel, plus my favorite human being on the planet, a witch with a bad temper and the retched wolf who betrayed us.

We’re a rag tag bunch but we’ll survive this. Together. Hopefully.

Even if ‘this’ is being hunted by the Upper Council, and unraveling our world as we know it. At least we have each other. And sure we may have almost died multiple times, and there is of course the matter of the bounty on our heads, but like I said. At least we have each other.

Except Sariel and I might be on the verge of making a decision with potentially catastrophic consequences. Something our friends can’t help with.

I received Fallen Mate in return for an honest review. 

Fallen Mate is the next installment in the Aria and Sariel adventure. The book starts off just after the first book ended they are on the chopping block with the council but at least they have some friends willing to risk it all to save them. Which puts them on an path that will change all their lives forever. 

I love Aria and Sariel they are adorable together with his angle and her wolf. They started out at each other's throats and now they are crazy about each other. I was a little nervous about Johnny in the first one but he redeemed himself in this book. I love that Reece is back she was such a great character in the first one. I'm honestly loved the whole rag tag group they just complement each other. 

I love this series I can't say that enough, it's one of my top favorites. The whole fated mates and half blooded beings concept is very interesting and I found it unique the way that everything worked out. I mean Sariel has one white wing and one black wing based on his parents. I loved this installment it was hard to put down and I ended up reading it in one afternoon. I really love the authors storytelling it's beautifully written and just flows so well. I can't wait for the next one and see what happens next. 

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