Sunday, January 1, 2023

My Goals for 2023

2023 Goals Challenge Adventures 

I've got a whole bunch of goals for the new year. 

Read 200 Books

Complete all challenges bookish and those not. 

Be more active in the community 

Just do more stuff that I love. I feel like I lost myself a bit last year. 

I'm sure I'll be adding more to this list over the next week so I'll update the challenge page as I go. 


I'm doing a personal reading challenge 

In Love With The Monsters 

This one is very fitting since I love all forms of monsters, from paranormal romance, to monster hunting, and felt that this year was the perfect start to challenge myself to read more of them. As a child I grew up watching monster movies with my dad. Which has evolved into watching them with my own kids now. Godzilla will always be my favorite monster in movies. 

My goal is to read as many monster books, manga and comics. Plus watch as much monster stuff as I can get my hands on. 

If you want to join you are more than welcome to just doing it for fun. 

Betty Neels Read
I have almost all of the Betty Neels Books and plan to read all 134 this year. They are classic Harlequin novels so short sweet and about 200 pages each. My grandmothers started my Harlequin addiction. A lot of the books they passed down had been classic Betty Neels. As I've read many it's been years so this is a perfect time to re-read them. 

Uncorked Reading Challenge 
Hosted by The Uncorked Librarian (here
It's divided into quarters which I like plus they have a facebook group

BookTok Baddies Reading Challenge 2023
This one is hosted via the facebook group (here


Another new year I have to join in hosted by the lovely ladies at Because Reading Is Better Than Real life (here)

Foodie Challenges

I'm super into baking and foodie recipes. These are just personal ones I'm challenging myself to do. Recipes and pictures to come. 

52 weeks of fritters. I'll be sharing more when I share the first recipe of the year. Basically I've got a fritter recipe I love and have been playing with combos. It's all done with 2 base ingredients and the combos are endless. I also air fry them so less greasy. I hope to write a cookbook off of this. I'm going to do sweet and savory combos so they will be tasty. I've made some yummy pizza ones. 

I want to bake 12 cheesecakes over the next year. New flavors and combos. My goal is 1 per month possible more we will have to see. 

Try it Tuesday is going to be a new recipe every week that I found and tried. I'll be sure to share the good and the bad. 

My random creations. I'm always coming up with new creations as my muchkin calls them. I want to try more combos this year. 


More sewing, stitching and crafty projects completed. New crafty projects to try. I'll be sure to share them over the course of the year. 

Not a crazy list but I like my goals for the year. 


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