Sunday, January 8, 2023

Book Review: Cursed Fates

 Title - Cursed Fates
Author - Sara Snow
Series - Cursed Mates
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle 
Published - January 6th 2023
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“We should’ve never gotten involved with this.”

Alpha Radolph paced about the room, speaking more to himself than the others. Cassian sat behind his desk, a deep frown that wouldn’t seem to end. Not after what happened to Elder Silas from the Ash Hounds.

After we’d managed to calm everyone down, we headed to Cassian’s office to speak in private. Alpha Radolph, Cove, Thoran, and Rohan stood on one side of the room, while Emily, Griffin, and I stood on the other side.


We’d finally grown close to another pack, only to be pushed away.

Our only hope has just fallen, and our allies have abandoned us.

If we don't figure out something soon the whole world will be ruled by a paranormal-hating witch.

Is all hope lost?


received Cursed Fate in return for an honest review. This is the 5th installment and final installment in the Cursed Mates series. The final battle is coming it's only a matter of time if they will have enough to take down Samara who is set on destroying everything. Morgan has chosen her side. The high council after agreeing to help has fallen setting the other realms into chaos. Time is running out for them, each new alliance quickly is dispatched and no one wants to take the risk to stand against Samara. 

I love the characters each one is unique and brings something different to the group. However, Emily and Ember are still my favorite and finding out they are connected just makes it better. I love the guys they are perfect complements to each other and Emily. I admit I was sad to lose Morgan but we gained some awesome friends along the way. 

Cursed Fates is a fantastic end to the series. I'm actually sad to see it end because I was enjoying the adventure so much. However, that being said I think the author did an amazing job of ending the story. You can't help loving the characters and they just keep getting better with each installment. The story is well written it flow from start to finish I found it hard to put down. I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next. 

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