Friday, April 8, 2022

Foodie Friday

Happy Friday!!! 

I've not been doing a bunch of creating in the past but I'm getting back into it. I've always been a fan of quick easy meals. This week I have I have one of my favorite burritos very unconventional but so tasty. 

I present the Hawaiian burrito

So yesterday I whipped up a batch of my Hawaiian macaroni salad. 
I've been playing with recipes but this one was lovely it's Mayo, heavy whipping cream, lots of pepper, salt, yellow onion diced small, carrots, a little white vinegar and noodles. Super easy and tasty all by itself. I actually made a big container for another experiment I want to try air frying it this weekend. 

I made white rice the night before so I just warned it up as I didn't need a lot to do a couple burritos. I marinated the steak in this sweet tasty Hawaiian BBQ sauce and then cooked it up. 

As far as assembly we like the larger roasted red pepper burritos I put rice on the bottom topped with steak so the sauce dripped into the rice and than added the macaroni salad. 

It's an interesting combo that my daughter loves. I've used chicken in the past and have an idea for a curry one and orange chicken on in the works. 

I feel like any combo of protein would work with this and hope to try as many different options in the future. It's a simple idea but works so well for a quick tasty dinner. 

What did you make for dinner? 

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