Monday, April 18, 2022

Binge Watching


I've always got something on even if it's binge watching something I've seen a dozen times the quiet is just to quiet lately it seems. 


My friend and I have been watching The Thing About Pam on Hulu the last few weeks. It's a crazy story but the scary part is it's all true. I've also caught multiple Dateline shows as well as her episode on Snapped. Highly recommend checking out it's crazy the stuff that happened. They did a great job recreating her story I think Renee Zellweger did a fantastic job. 


Still working my way through Season 2 of One Piece but I'm almost done. It's a long series but quickly becoming one of my favorites. My bestie asked me to watch it to catch up with him. Funny story he's current I'm only 18 seasons behind lol I think. 

I'm kind of an addict for true crime. I've been watching 20/20 and Dateline too. Hulu is a great source for killer shows. So many options and selections it's easy to get lost for hours or even days it feels like. 

What have you been watching? 

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