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COVER REVEAL - I Never Let You Go by Stefanie Jenkins

Title: I Never Let You Go
Series: I Never #3
Author: Stefanie Jenkins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Ya'll That Graphic
Photo: Lindee Robinson Photography
Models: Anthony Parker & Alyde Madej
Release Date: June 29, 2020

One word was all it took to change everything. For years, Lauren Lawson believed happily ever afters didn’t exist for everyone—especially her. Now a decade after watching the love of her life walk away, he’s back.

Finn Reynolds is determined to win her back, but Lauren is scared. She keeps her feelings locked up to protect her fragile heart from being shattered again. But Finn has a way of getting her to open up—he always has.

Can Lauren leave the past behind and move on to a future where she never lets him go?
Finn steps farther up to me so that our bodies are now touching. He’s so close that I have to look up at him. “It’s just one dance, Lo.” 
I look toward the dance floor and pull the corner of my bottom lip between my teeth, contemplating my answer. I’ve never been able to resist Finn Reynolds—why start now? I can hear his voice in my head all the times he said, “C’mon, Lo, just one more…” One more smile, one more minute, one more kiss, one more orgasm. What’s one dance?  
I down the rest of the champagne and place the glass back on the bar. I know that my cheeks are flushed—I could easily blame that on the alcohol and not at the idea that I’m about to be in Finn’s arms once again. I turn to face him, holding one finger up. “One dance.”  
His smile widens, knowing that he won. Don’t fall for it, Lauren. That smile still seems to make me weak in the knees, and I hate it.”One dance, I promise.”  
He extends his hand in my direction. I glance down first as if it were a snake ready to strike. He tries to set me at ease, confirming it’s just one dance. I place my hand in his, and my body comes alive. I never had my body react the way it does with Finn, no matter with all the guys I tried to date to forget about him.  
He leads me over to an opening on the dance floor before spinning me and pulling me to his chest.  
“Show-off,” I mutter under my breath but loud enough for him to hear me. His deep chuckle vibrates my body with his closeness. I tuck my head into the crook of his neck and close my eyes as he holds me, just like he did for all of those dances in high school I dragged him to.  
He holds me tighter as “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers continues to play, and I let him. In fact, I cling to him the same way I did at the airport, clutching to him as if he were my lifeline. 
Time stops. We are no longer in a church hall full of a hundred and some guests, but it’s just Finn and me. I don’t care who’s watching us, questions be damned later, as being in his arms just once is worth everything. But is it enough? 
The irony isn’t lost on me as I listen to the lyrics. I squeeze my eyes tighter to keep the tears at bay. Nothing compares to the feeling of being in Finn’s arms. 
“Lo.” The way he breathes my name fills me with life. His head is resting against the top of mine. I slowly lift my head meeting his gaze. Is he going to kiss me? Do I want him to? I swallow thickly as he closes the distance between us, and I close my eyes. I can feel his breath on my skin. His nose brushes against mine, and my heart is ready to jump out of my chest.  
“Lo, I lied. What if I want more than one dance?” His voice just above a whisper, but it screams to my heart. “I miss you.” 
My breath catches, and my eyes fly open. I feel as though the room is beginning to close. I can’t do this, especially today of all days. I slowly back away from him, needing the distance now more than ever. My bottom lip quivers, but I refuse to let him see me break. 
“I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”  
He takes a step toward me, and I keep pacing backward. “Lo, please.”  
No. There’s that word again, the one that broke us the first time.  
It was only supposed to be one dance. He promised—another broken promise. Finn Reynolds seems to be full of them.
I need to escape. I spin on my heels, leaving a trail of smoke in my path and Finn alone on the dance floor. I should've know...because all those "one mores" always turned into several more.
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Author Bio

Stefanie Jenkins writes contemporary romance and lives in Surf City, North Carolina with her husband and two sons. Born and raised in Maryland, Stefanie brings her favorite parts of her hometown to life in her books. She is a coffee addict, wine connoisseur, hockey fan & lover of all romances - give her all the swoon & angst.

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