Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cover Love

I thought this would be a fun random post to share when I happen across a cover that captures my attention, as well as some of my favorite covers.
I love book covers and thought this would be a perfect way to share my love of them with others.
This is a random post so it could be multiple times a week or weeks in between it will be based on the book covers I encounter. 

This one looks fun. I'm curious to check it out. 

Once Upon a Wolf 
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Once upon a time a wolf took everything away from me. 
I'm here to return the favor… 

When the Big Bad Wolf and his pack of witch hunters murdered my family, I made a deal with the Devil in exchange for revenge. 

Giving him my soul was the easy part. 

Surviving Everafter Academy… now that deserves a medal. 

I’m not the Red Riding Hood everyone thinks I am. I’m Ravyn, the witch with a deep, dark secret, and I’m only at this school to hunt down my family’s killer. If pretty boys Erik, Christopher, and Gideon think they can make my life hell just because I’m different, they’re in for a surprise. 

I’m going to make these Prince Charmings regret the day they ever wronged me. 

Everything I do is chaos. Everything I touch turns to darkness. They can call me a monster because that’s exactly what I am. 

My heart isn’t meant to be won over or broken. It’s meant to be feared. 

With a trio of jealous princesses determined to put a hex on me, a magical school full of ‘good’ fairy tale creatures that despise my kind, secrets galore, and a headmaster whose dark desires rival my own, I’m here to prove that even villains deserve their happily ever after. 

Mine just involves bloodshed, blackmail, and sweet sinister revenge. 

What can I say? I’m a Dark Witch. It’s in my nature. 

Now sit back and let me tell you how fairytales REALLY go. It all starts with an altar... 

Everafter Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance. Each fairytale creature has been modernized and thrown into a world of magic, depravity, and allure, and Ravyn will never choose which path—or man—she truly wants. Why choose when she can have them all? 

Themes: bully, forbidden romance, student/teacher, D/s relationship 
Genres: reverse harem, academy, fantasy, fairytale 
Heat Level: Scorching-hot, rough, consensual scenes that are for 18+ only. 

Feel free to join in! 

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