Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Book Review: The Passionate Queen

Title - The Passionate Queen
Author - Jovee Winters
Series - The Dark Queens #2 
Genre - Romance 
Format - Kindle 
Pages - 240
Published - August 8th 2015 
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Once upon a time a dragon dared to fall in love with the Queen of Hearts… 

Zelena Hermosa wants only one thing, to be free. But for a morphling like her freedom will never be possible. Bought by a witch as a baby, she’s been raised in a household that knows no kindness or love. She’s a broken, dirty child the day she meets her prickly little dragon boy. 

Ragoth Nur, heir to the throne of Drakon has just stolen a golden apple from Zeus’s favored orchard. In order to make sure he doesn’t have to face the wrath of the gods (but especially his mom) he runs off to wonderland to enjoy his treat and there bumps into the human girl who will change the course of his life forever. 

There’s so much more to the Queen of Heart’s than the stories. So much more than the vindictive woman who shouts, “Off with her heads.” This is the true story of the woman, the legend, and the myth… 

Opening line
I'd stolen two golden apples from Zeus' flavored orchard. 


Zelena has grown up raised by a witch who bought her at birth, and life has been rough as she's been treated without love. It's while sneaking out that she encounters Ragoth a young dragon who happened to be in wonderland avoiding his tutors. A chance encounters yields a connection that even time and distance can't destroy. Over the years the pair form a strong bond but as Zelena gets closer to maturity the reality that she has no choice and marries the King of Hearts entering a loveless marriage. 

Ragoth learns that the King has died and now is his chance to be with Zelena at last but she's less than thrilled when he sweeps her away from the funeral. With the help of a little love goddess pushing Ragoth returns to win the women he loves and he's determined that this time she will be his. Zelena doesn't want to be the Queen she's been and is ready to change who she is for the better. 

I loved Zelena right from the start as a huge Alice in Wonderland fan it was interesting to see why the Queen of Hearts is the way she is. She's spent most of her life lacking real love but now that Ragoth is back he's going to help her turn over a new leaf, no longer shouting off with their head. I like Ragoth he's not perfect but he's perfect for Zelena and they just work so well together even if she doesn't know it. 

I've had The Passionate Queen on my kindle for a while but a little nervous as Alice is one of my favorite stories. The author has done an amazing job weaving a beautiful story about The Queen of Hearts and making her someone we can really connect with. I end up having a hard time putting it down and had to know how it would play out. I've enjoyed another installment into The Dark Queens series and can't wait to dive into the next dark Queens story.

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