Monday, July 15, 2019

Book Review: Adelaide's Fate

Title - Adelaide's Fate 
Author - G. Bailey 
Series - Her Fate #1 
Genre - Romance Reverse Harem
Format - Kindle 
Pages - 244
Published - August13th 2018
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How far can fate make you fall? 

When Adelaide turned twenty, losing her parents and gaining custody of her fifteen year old sister was not part of her plan. If being a shifter in a world where her kind is hunted wasn't bad enough, she now has to protect her sister too. Adie has no choice but to move into the old house her parents left them, or risk being on the streets in a dangerous world. 
Only she didn't expect to be living next door to a strange, and very attractive, group of men who are far more than human. They offer her protection in exchange for keeping their reason for hiding with the humans a secret, and helping them. 
But protection comes at a cost and the cost is something none of them could have expected. 

A cost that’s been destined. A cost that fate has weaved for Adelaide. A cost that even princes cannot escape. 

Opening line
"Run Faster," the breathless voice of my mate's best friend shouts to me as I rush through the cold woods in Scotland where we planned to escape to. 

Adelaide's has taken over raising her younger sister after her parents died, having to leave university and go into hiding for their protection. Her only option to due to the lack of funds was to move into the house that her parents had but it's not been used in a long time. After arriving in at the home they instantly catch the attention of the neighbors a group of attractive shifters who say that leaving the house isn't safe. 

The whole point of coming to her parent's house was the hope of staying in hiding which has happened after the great reveal of the supernatural community. They say that they will help them blend in but before they can fit in she has caught the attention of a group of hunters. Will Adelaide be able to escape the hunters or will her fate be sealed this time? 

This is a spin-off series of Her Guardians series which features characters from that series as well as new characters. I really liked Adelaide right from the start she's a great character easy to connect with you can't help liking her as she's given up everything to protect her sister. I like all the guys in the series but I think Rick the best but that's because I remember him from the prior series. 

I've enjoyed the prior books by the other she's one of my favorites I love her writing style they are always captivating and hard to put down. Adelaide's Fate is no exception I found it hard to put down and ended up reading it in one session. I can't wait to start the next book in the series and find out what happens next to Adelaide. I've become such a huge fan of the reverse harem concept and love that it's a paranormal. 

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