Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wishlist Wednesday

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Each week we will share a book that has been recently added to our wishlist or has been on it for ages. A book I can't wait to add to my shelf. 
I've been working on my ebook wishlist. I have so many potential amazing books that I want to read. 

This one sounds like it could be fun. I'm a huge fan of Harley Quinn myself. I'm curious to check it out. 
by Nikki Landis 
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Harleigh is obsessed with Harley Quinn. 

She's a little too much like her idol - sexy, dangerous, edgy, bitchy, and a femme fatale - and maybe a little crazy too. Leigh's got a dark past and plenty of skeletons in her closet which she'd rather keep buried. When her secrets come back to haunt her, she's forced to confront the darkness she fought so hard to leave behind. With her life hanging in the balance, will Leigh become the villain, the hero . . . or the Volatile Vixen lurking inside?

Watch for the companion sidekick novel - ONYX, coming soon!

THE VOLATILE VIXEN SERIES is a compelling and dark paranormal romance about a unique group of individuals that join forces in order to defeat a sinister master Collective. Obsessed with female villains, the Volatile Vixens explore their dark and twisted personas, dangerous lives, and sensual hunger in a world where reality mixes with fantasy with disastrous - and often humorous - results. Let a new series of mayhem, dark secrets & lies, villains & heroes, seductive eroticism, and thrilling adventure begin! 

*** This is NOT FAN FICTION but a totally UNIQUE & ORIGINAL STORY ***

* AUTHOR'S NOTE: May contain triggers, recommended 18+
What's on your Wishlist?

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