Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Review: Wolfbound

Title - Wolfbound
Author - Jody Morse, Jayme Morse 
Genre - YA Paranormal
Format - Kindle eBook
Published - November 30th 2015
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My life isn't supposed to be this complicated. 
At least that's what I thought... until I met Jax. 

I was in for the most boring three months of my life. With my best friend and sister gone for the majority of summer, I was stuck by myself in Cedar Falls, our small town in Indiana. But then he showed up on my front doorstep - my mysterious, insanely attractive new neighbor. 

I was instantly drawn to him. It was like there was a magnetic force between us, unlike anything I'd ever felt before. 

When a series of strange events happen, it seems like there's only one thing that links them all together: Jax and his family arriving in town. Little did I know, I wasn't only imagining it. Jax has a secret, one that affects both of us. 

He's a werewolf. 

I've fallen completely head over heels for a werewolf, which is just as dangerous as it is stupid. But I don't care. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be with him, even if it means putting my own life on the line. 

But wait. 

My life was already on the line, even before they came to town.

I received Wolfbound in return for an honest review from the authors. 

Camryn's summer was starting out to look bleak as her sister is off to summer camp and best friend is spending it in New York. While standing on her porch she has a moment with a cute guy who drives by. Next thing she knows he borrowing her shovel to work on his garden. Camryn's can't deny the growing attraction to Jax as he continues to push his way into her life but she's unsure if he feels the same way.

Jax and his family aren't the only new people in town this summer, a new girl has moved just down the street befriending Camryn. Those aren't the only strange things going on as her sisters rival has disappeared days ago. Strangers who seem to know Camryn seem to be showing up all around and her sister knows more than she is letting on. When a party changes everything for Jax and Camryn they will be forced to make a change or be doomed to repeat their mistakes. 

I liked Camryn right from the start she's a sweetheart and Jax just knows her so well. I wasn't sure about the insta love, to be honest but this goes so much deeper than I had expected it to so it works. I like the chemistry between Camryn and Jax it's sweet he know's her so well and when he took her to buy books he had me sold. 

I've had my eye on this one for a while and when I was given the chance to review it I jumped at it. Wolfbound is a sweet paranormal romance that captures the heart right from the start. You can't help cheering Camryn and Jax on as they try to beat the odds which seem to be against them. I really enjoyed the werewolf concept it was interesting to see the authors take on werewolves. I enjoyed the authors writing styles the story was captivating and hard to put down I had to know what would happen next. This is the first in an exciting new series perfect for fans of paranormal young adult novels. 

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