Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Review: Chosen

Title - Chosen
Author - Harlow Thomas 
Genre - Reverse Harem
Format - Kindle eBook
Published - January 7th 2018
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As the vampire princess of the Night Court it's my duty to choose my human consort and make him my prince. For two weeks I'll be in a paradise with four human men, all willing to be mine.
All I have to do is choose one to crown.
I never expected to fall in love.
Not with one.
Certainly not with all of them. 

Felicity is the future ruler of the vampires. She may be a princess but she hasn't left her home until now. She's going to spend time on the island with four potential future prince's, during that time she will get to know them all and pick just one to be crowned. However, after arriving on the island it's clear that picking just one will be way harder than she expected as she finds herself falling in love with them all. Will she be able to pick just one? 

I like Felicity she has this sweet innocent about her which I found refreshing for a vampire princess. I wasn't sure, to be honest about her love interests as they are each different but maybe that's why they all work so well together. As the book progressed they grew on me it was just as hard to pick one for her as they all are emotionally invested and have everything to lose. I'm curious to see how this is going to work out. 

I'm a huge fan of the Reverse Harem concept so when I saw this one on my kindle I had to give it a shot. It's a serial which means several small parts to create one book. This is the first installment in the serial and I enjoyed every moment of it. I found it hard to put down and didn't until I had finished the story. I even start the second one because I had to know what was going to happen next. The author has created a beautiful steamy story loaded with romance, a little mystery and lots of steamy moments between Felicity and her men. Highly recommend checking it out. 

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  1. Absolutely loved this book. it was all kinds of hot and sexy definitely a must read. Harlow Thomas did a fantastic job. keep you entrapped with the decision that felicity faces trying to choose four very attractive men to make him her prince and consort.

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