Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts

It's been ages since I've done this post. I always forget when I'm reading to remember them. 

This weeks had a great description of yogurt and I kind of want some. 

I currently working on....
Mad Sea 
K Webster
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Motorcycles and the ocean are my only loves.
Until Hali.
Every Sunday, I exchange my mancard for a punch on my pink frozen yogurt card. 
Just to see her.
This is what stalkers do, you see.
I’ll do whatever it takes to catch one tiny glimpse of her bright smile—a smile she shines upon me, even if only for a few brief moments—to light up my usually dark, lonely world.
Hello, my name is Madden Finn.
And I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t even know my name.

***Mad Sea was originally created as a story for an anthology. There were size constraints which explains the short length of this story. Because of this, the story is sweet, to the point, and all kinds of instalove. If you’re looking for a quick, lovable read that is quite outside your normal reading zone, then you’re going to love this.***

My quotes 

I had to clean them up a little as they are a little steamy. 

Then, she bounces over to the frozen yogurt machine and pulls the lever. Bubblegum flavored frozen yogurt fills the cup....
She casts a shy glance my way over her shoulder and smiles before mounting on the toppings. Pink sprinkles. Pink gummy worms. Pink dyed coconut flakes. 
"The Pink Pelican."

Any yummy, or gross food or drink quotes?

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