Friday, March 31, 2017

Book Review: Liar

Title - Liar 
Author - Gillian Zane 
Series - Karma, Inc #3
Genre - Paranormal 
Published - March 27th 2017
Format - Kindle eBook
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Case # 3 of the Karma Incorporated Series. 

Karma doesn’t get an off day. Working for Karma Incorporated might sound like the best job in the world, but there’s one really big catch: you’ve got to die to get it. Cassandra Mercier died at the ripe old age of twenty-one and is now gainfully employed by the Afterlife Corporation as a Karma operative. She’s still working nine to five, undercover as Cassidy Hail to deliver some much needed cosmic payback. 

Her next target is a big, fat liar. 

Lori Kay Biggly, Lori Kay, not Lori by itself. There was another Laurie, but the other Laurie spelled her name with an ‘AU’. To set herself apart she must be called Lori Kay. Kay as in the middle name, not the letter. Her last name was Biggly. Lori Kay Biggly. Maiden name Craig, but she goes by Biggly only. No hyphenation or ‘feministly’ holding on to old last names for this girl. And Lori Kay Biggly was a liar. She lied. She sabotaged others at her work, she manipulated the boss with sexual favors…and she was getting her just desserts. Courtesy of Karma, Inc. 

While on the case, Cassandra also has the matter of her own death that she must solve, a goddess that has decided to take a more “hands-on” approach to management and a curious private investigator who she finds it hard to maintain her own lies with. It’s just another day working for Afterlife Corporation.

Cassidy is on her new case but instead of it being in a new place she's back in the corporate world where her last case ended. This time she's after Lori Kay who has taken the art of being a liar to a whole new level. On her first day at the office, it's clear that Lori Kay deserves all the karma she's about to get it's just up to Cassidy to figure out the perfect way to deliver it. As if a new case with familiar faces isn't enough now she's got a new boss at Karma to deal with, who happens to be more than just any dead boss. She's still in contact with Drake and he may just have figured out the truth about her. 

I like Cassidy with each book she just keeps getting better and better as she learns that truth about what really happened to her. I like this connection she has with Drake there is just something about him and it works so well. They have this chemistry, that is sizzling, and I'm curious to see how it's all going to play out.  

I couldn't wait to dive right into Liar as soon as it came out and had to start it right away. Another installment of Cassidy to deliver karma to those who are so deserving. I love the concept for a character who deals much needed Karma to change those who are headed down the wrong path. The characters are easy to connect with it's hard not to like Cassidy as she navigates her new life. I really enjoyed the authors writing style she does a great job creating a captivating story. While the novels are short they have all the elements for a brilliant story. I loved this installment and can't wait to read the next one. 

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