Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review: Mad Sea

Title - Mad Sea 
Author - K. Webster 
Genre - Fantasy 
Published - September 13th 2016 
Format - Kindle eBook
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Motorcycles and the ocean are my only loves.
Until Hali.
Every Sunday, I exchange my mancard for a punch on my pink frozen yogurt card. 
Just to see her.
This is what stalkers do, you see.
I’ll do whatever it takes to catch one tiny glimpse of her bright smile—a smile she shines upon me, even if only for a few brief moments—to light up my usually dark, lonely world.
Hello, my name is Madden Finn.
And I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t even know my name.

***Mad Sea was originally created as a story for an anthology. There were size constraints which explains the short length of this story. Because of this, the story is sweet, to the point, and all kinds of instalove. If you’re looking for a quick, lovable read that is quite outside your normal reading zone, then you’re going to love this.***


Mad isn't the kind of guy for a girl, least of all a girl in a yogurt shop. There is something about Hali that he can't seem to get enough of her even though he hasn't even introduced himself to her yet. At the prodding of another customer, he introduces himself changing everything. He next catches her outside scoring a date with his obsession that ends up going well. However, they each have their own secrets which could change everything. 

I like Mad he's a good guy even if he does live in a world where he does bad things. He had a rough life after all he always thought he was abandoned at an early age, and raised by his adopted mom. He's also carried a secret that makes him different from everyone else. I like Hali she's got her own issues but she also is willing to risk it all for love.

I've had my eye on Mad Sea for a while the cover is calling my name and has been on my to-read list for a while. I always find the mermaid concept captivating and the author has added their own spin creating a unique story. An action packed whirlwind instalove romance of a pair destined to be together they just didn't know it yet. I may not be a huge fan of instalove but it really works for Mad and Hali. I enjoyed the authors writing style it's smooth flowing from start to finish. While we do have alternating perspectives it's easy to tell who's side we are getting and I like being able to connect with both characters. I just wish that the story was a full novel, not a steamy short story. Maybe we will see more from this world, I know I would like to. 

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