Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts

Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts

It's been ages since I've done this post. I always forget when I'm reading to remember them. 

I currently working on....

Owl and the Japanese Circus
by Kristi Charish
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My quotes 

I could smell the coffee from the stove percolator. Just what my hangover needed. Thank God Rynn knew how to make a good cup. He passed me a mug and slid into the chair across from me. I took my first sip and picked up a hint of cardamom. Time to change topics.
“Turkish?” I asked.

He tilted his head in acknowledgment. “Yes. I spent some time there and developed a taste for it,” he said.

Coffee one of the best drinks....I still haven't had a chance to try Turkish Coffee yet. Now I need coffee.

I can't stop giggling about the image this gave me. 

Any yummy, or gross food or drink quotes?

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  1. My eldest son, who has lived in Europe for two decades, loves Turkish coffee. When he is visiting, he has a way of simulating the method by using finer grained coffee and pouring very hot water directly onto the grind. My DIL and I look at each other and make faces.

    I have had some myself when a client offered it to me once. In a very small demitasse cup.

    Interesting excerpt!