Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book Review: Bite of A Vampire

Title - Bite of A Vampire 
Author - Anna Belsky
Series - Book 1 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle Freebie 
Published - August 20th 2016
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I never was a romance novel kind of girl, maybe that’s why I decided to get in the business of proving that love was meant to be unfaithful. Call me bitter but my full name is Emily Johnson, and I work as a private investigator for Jonesville Extramarital Affairs. It’s my daily job to investigate, snap photos of and usually proves that a spouse has found someone else to dilly-dally with. It was a bit of a dream job after having my own respect and dignity broken so many times in college by a guy named Robert, Bob for short. I don’t hold a grudge against him, he was my first, and he taught me that love relationships are not really things that exist. My best friend Abby doesn’t believe me so I decided to prove my point and become a Private Investigator. 

On this night Emily's world turns upside down when she comes across a vampire attacking one of her investigations. She is swept into a world of the supernatural and must draw from all her experiences as Private Investigator to survive... or so she thinks until she meets Michael. 

Read the first book now! Book one of Bite of a Vampire. 

Emily is just working what she expected to be just a typical case of a wife having an affair little did she know it would lead her right to the attention of a vampire. Yesterday Emily didn’t know that vampire's existed and today she’s being hunted by a serial killer one who has the local cops stumped. The bodies keep turning up but it’s Emily who has the key to finding the killer vampire and at least she doesn’t have to do it alone. 

Emily is a PI turned vampire hunter thanks to her newly awaken gift of being able to speak with the dead. However, she also has captured the attention of a vampire as well as hunter both are attractive men who are wanting her attention. I was kind of on the fence with both Michael and Mark as potential love interests for Emily but I think she made the right choice. 

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while the cover was just screaming to me that I needed to read it. I admit when I saw it as a freebie I had to give it a shot. A whirlwind paranormal romance that drags Emily into the paranormal world she didn’t know existed. I like Emily she’s interesting the way she see’s the ghosts of his victims and easy to connect with as a character. I enjoyed A bite of a Vampire it’s a fun fast paced story that was easy to finish in one sitting. 

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