Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Review: Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol 4

Title - Tales of the Winter Wolf 
Author - R.J. Blain  
Series - Vol 4
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Format - Kindle 
Published - August 12th 2015
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Long before Nicolina Desmond manifested her powers as a wizard, she was a Normal girl with extraordinary circumstances. In order to prove herself and escape her father’s chokehold on her life, she’s determined to get on the fast track towards an independent life. 

However, she never anticipated how meeting Richard Murphy would change her life… 

Tales of the Winter Wolf follows the adventures of Nicole and Richard, predominant characters from Witch & Wolf #2, Winter Wolf. Spoilers for the novel are contained within! 

Tales of the Winter Wolf is a series of short stories that tell the story of Nicolina and Richard two different people who find themselves connected. All her life Nicolina has grown up around the Fenerec known as werewolves both f her parents are one even though she and her twin sister are not. While her twin is all about finding a man Nicolina wants more out of life leaving home to attend college many years before she should have. After a whirlwind arrival home things just keep the chaos rolling as Nicolina and Richard find themselves on their way to his pack. 

The Fenerec stop aging in the mid to late twenties so her parents still look so young for having teenage daughters. I like Nicolina a lot she’s a smart savvy untraditional girl who doesn’t conform to what her father has planned. While she may not be a shifter it doesn’t make her weak if anything it’s made her stronger. I like Richard he seems to understand her when her own parents don’t. I see big things for both of them I only wish that she was just a little older or he just a little younger. 

Nicolina may be a normal in a world of werewolves but it doesn’t change that she’s kick ass when she needs to be and willing to do what it takes to protect those she loves even if she doesn’t know it yet. The potential hint of a love interest with her being a teenager to an older many made me a little unsure but he can wait for her which doesn’t bother me. The more we see of the characters the more I like them they just work together even if she doesn't see it yet.I like the world that they live in the author has created a unique twist of the classic werewolf shifters. I like the author's writing style its smooth flowing from start to finish it's easy to get lost in the story. I’ve enjoyed every page of the stories and already started the next one.  

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