Friday, June 5, 2015

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Follow Friday
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This Week's Question:

How would you pitch to the biz to make your favorite book into a movie?

I would much rather see my favorite books turned into TV shows only because the movies just haven't be as successful as some of the TV shows I'm still watching. 
Example Vampire Academy I think could have spun into a great series on the CW following the Vampire Diaries trend. Instead we had the first movie which failed big time.
I would pitch my favorite series Mercy Thompson as the next True Blood to HBO or Stars. I think the series would be great into a TV show but I would hate to only get the first movie. 
How do you write your reviews?


  1. First time I heard about the book. :) New GFC follower :)

  2. I agree with you. TV has proven to work better for adapting books for the screen. I'd much rather watch a TV show adapted from a book than a movie.

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  3. I don't want to see books as movies or shows. Granted I will watch them if they're made into one because I usually can't help myself. But there are some movies I refuse to watch because the book was so good I refuse to have it tainted by the movie.

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  4. Oh you see, I think both can easily be messed up. I don't care which book series gets turned into what! I'd like anything really! But I loathed how different the Vampire Diaries TV show was. I loved the original series and all the changes and differences aggravated me to no end!

    But I agree Vampire Academy needed to be a LOT better! It was cute. But I was hoping for EPIC! Like how the Harry Potter movies were! You know, 2 hours or more and all the details are there, excellent score and just overall filming. VA felt like a C grade movie of an amazing series!

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