Friday, June 19, 2015

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56

Book Beginnings on Friday
hosted by Rose City Reader 

Share the first sentence of your current read and post it. 

City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta

I should have let him die. Had I known what saving him would mean for me, perhaps I would have.

The Friday 56

hosted by Freda's Voice 
Grab a book turn to page 56 or 56% share a sentence or a few

City of Fae by Pippa DaCosta

“I am not real?” she echoed, her voice fractured, brittle, shattered, and forced back together to create sounds that merely mimicked speech. My stomach heaved. She grinned.
One of her glossy black cantilever legs probed toward me and nudged my shoulder. Grimacing, I turned my face away. Not real. Not real.

“You had served me well, until now. Such is the way of things in Under. Borrowed draĆ­ocht will never be enough … Never.” Her legs rippled, carrying her backward. She turned away from me, scuttling toward one of the arches.
What teasers do you have this week?

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