Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Review: Icarus

Title - Icarus
Author - Danika Stone
Genre - Young Adult Romance
Published - August 1st 2014
Publisher - Dancing Dog Productions
Format - Paperback

Being the ‘new kid’ at school is hard, but for Tess Novak - who’s moved more times than she can remember - it’s a role she knows by heart. Transferring during senior year means yet another place she’ll eventually leave, more classmates she’ll forget. 
Fate, it seems, has other plans.
From the moment Tess is introduced to honor student Drew Martinez, she is convinced she has met him before. But when? Confident and attractive, Drew is exactly the type of ‘rich kid’ Tess’s father hates, and Tess avoids. Thrown together by a class project, their tentative friendship sparks a smoldering attraction. Tess tries to keep Drew at arm’s length, but in weeks they are drawn into a scorching romance. 
Fearing her father’s volatile reaction, Tess insists on keeping the relationship a secret. Meanwhile, she begins to uncover the mysterious connection which hearkens back to the half-forgotten days of her dark childhood, a past which appears to be connected to Drew. As each new puzzle piece falls into place, and the threat of discovery increases, Tess must decide whether she wants to keep living a lie, or expose the horrific events which tore Drew out of her life so many years before...

 I received Icarus from the author in return for an honest review.  Tess has just moved to town due to her father decided it was time to move. She’s been the new kid so many times growing up the daughter of a military man. Hopefully it will be her last move since it’s her senior year she just needs to fly under the radar and she will be able to get away. Drew is also the son of a military man and knows what it’s like being forced to move often. When they are teamed up together two unlikely people fine more than just friendship.

Tess’s life is anything but easy after what happened to her father she has to treat him with kid gloves for fear he will react badly. When her best friend’s heads off to basic training for the Air Force Tess is left behind but the more time she spends with Drew the more she finds herself falling for him. They just so happen to have been at another base as children and were even friends but things have changed neither knows if the other remembers. When things turn bad for Tess will Drew be able to help her? Will she let him in enough to give him the chance?

I like both Tess and Drew they each had rough childhoods but have learned to deal with the cards they were dealt. Together they find what they both needed even If Tess isn’t ready to accept the fact. I really liked Drew he didn’t judge Tess and was willing to support her even if it meant keeping their relationship a secret from her Dad. I also liked that we are given an insight into their childhoods as well as both points of view.

This one was a tough for me the wife of a military man my heart went out to both of them. Tess’s story broke my heart her relationship with her father felt so real and I could see it happening. The author has touched on a sensitive subject in Icarus but I felt she did a great job an emotional story. I enjoyed the concept and loved the characters they touched my heart. I had a hard time putting Icarus it just sucked me and didn’t let go till the last page. While the novel does touch on sensitive subjects I think it’s a book mature teens as well as adults will enjoy. The author’s writing style is well done it flows smoothly from start to finish telling a beautiful story. I really enjoyed the novel and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.
4 out of 5 stars 

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