Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae

Title - Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae
Author - L.K. Rigel
Series - Tethers #1
Genre - Fantasy Fae/Witches
Format - EBook
Published August 31st 2011


All she wanted was a vacation - but Dumnos offered a new life. 

When Lilith Evergreen receives an antique ring as a gift, she dreams of a castle by the sea, a magnificent tree at cliff's edge, and a mysterious woman who bids Lilith to come to Dumnos, a land of mist and rain. 

Cade Bausiney is the future Earl of Dumnos, but at present he just wants to bolster tourism to help the local economy. When Cade and Lilith meet, they're overwhelmed by desire for each other - so intense it must be magically induced. 

Long ago a witch's spell ended in disaster that left two souls to haunt Dumnos to this day. Lilith and Cade must find a way to make things right - or be forever possessed by the spirits who've waited a millennium to consummate their love.


Lilith lives in California she’s just your average girl living a normal life. When her fiancĂ© returns home from his trip in London with a ring it changes her life. Next thing she knows she’s dreaming about Dumnos lush countryside, castles, and even a prince. In one dream a woman even books the hotel for her encouraging her to come. After arriving in Dumnos Lilith meets Cade Bausiney they are each instantly drawn to each other as if under a spell.

We also meet Galen and Diantha who are very much in love but its short lived because a curse that was meant to save them sends them into rings keeping them apart for hundreds of years. The other person in the story is Elyse who is the one who attempted to save Galen and Diantha from her sister and locked them in the rings. Will Lilith and Cade break the spell before it’s too late? Will Elyse be able to fix her mistake before the faerie King changes her plans.

This one is a tough one because we have so many characters. I like Lilith and Cade but I think they are interesting. However I think Elyse stole the story because she’s the one who created the spell that put everything in motion. I didn’t really connect with any one character but I did like them all.

I picked up Give Me: A Tale of Wyrd and Fae as a kindle freebie ages ago but never got around to it till this weekend when the blue cover worked for one of my challenges. The story is quick fast paced easily able to finish in one sitting. I like the characters even though I didn’t connect with them I did find them engaging. The concept is unique I like the way the real world mixes with the fae world. I think the author did a great job of mixing all the different character's stories together it wasn't confusing. I enjoyed the story but I wanted more. I think anyone who enjoys reading about the fae will enjoy the story. This is my first book by the author but I'm curious to check out her other books.
3 out of 5 stars

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