Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: Emerge

Title - Emerge
Author - S.E. Hall 
Series - Evolve #1
Genre - YA Romance
Format - Kindle Ebook
Published May 15th 2013



Laney Walker is a quick witted, athletic, southern tomboy who lets few get too close, using her sarcastic zingers to deflect. She also has no idea how others view her, Evan having protected and coveted her since they were children. But college puts a gap between Laney and Evan that neither of them were prepared for- old relationships are tested, new ones are formed and nothing will ever be the same.

Especially when in walks one Dane Kendrick, not at all the familiar, southern charmer of home, but an animal all his own.

A story of growing up, friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love...and life.


 I picked this one up as a kindle freebie a while back. The book is about Laney & Evan best friends since they were 10 years old. As their senior comes to a close they fall in love but as college is looming and Laney doesn't get into the same school they are forced to different worlds. At Laney's choice they go away as best friend but not a couple so each is open to see other but they can't deny that they still love each other. As Laney starts to come out of her shell she learns that her best friend isn't the girl she thought she was and that maybe she's not in love with Evan. Will she stay true or follow her heart?

I love Laney she's a sweet innocent tomboy who loves fishing, Disney and just stole my heart. I think Even is every girls dream guy. They each have their own struggles which make them human. As each one deals with their own issues they are pushed to the limits. I love characters you can connect with they just both stole my heart and I love each one. However when we met Dane I wasn't sure at first but of course he's just as wonderful no wonder Laney had such a challenge ahead of her. 

I love my quick romances that leave you breathless. Emerge is a fast pace paced story about college romance with characters that are engaging and easy to connect with. The story is filled with gut wrenching emotions that make you feel what the characters are feeling it just sucked me in. The author has created a beautiful story from start to finish. It's pulled my heart strings even making me cry a little. (The hubby always makes fun of me when a book makes me cry) I read the whole book in the morning unable to put it down and now all I want to do is read the next one because it's just one of those cliffhangers. I really just loved everything about the book. I can't wait to get my hands on the next one so I can read more about the crew. 

5 out of 5 stars

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