Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update
April 17th 2013

I love blogging but in the last few months it’s been all work with limited fun and I don’t see much of Mandy. So my new goal is to have a daily post of thoughts, random stuff and anything else I feel like sharing. Most of it will be bookish but I will have the odd random stuff. I love to talk about books so this should be fun and a great outlet for me.

I broke up after moving in with my coffee pot I figured the espresso maker could handle the job but as of late I've just not been getting enough yummy coffee. I crave more than a latte so it seems. So the trusty coffee pot has made its way back onto the counter next to the espresso maker. I found a new recipe for pumpkin biscotti which I hope to make this week if I make it to the store. I’m also on a pie kick because I love crust so I’m hoping to make tarts I guess you could say this weekend I have a recipe for sugar cream pie I’m going to change to work with a strawberry pie and attempt to make it super easy. We will see. I’ll post pictures if and when I do.  

I have gotten behind and honestly feel like I’m never going to catch up. It makes it worse I keep adding lots of books I’m dying to read to my collection with no chance of reading any of them in the near future. However I am doing my best to catch up so soon I should be able to dive into my fun pile I like to call them. I have a huge ebook review pile but I’m working my way it’s down to about twenty if I remember right. I’m forcing myself to no sign up for anymore tours till I’m all caught up. However I am making headway so that makes me happy.

Currently Reading:
Dead Radiance by T.G. Ayer I’m really excited so far it’s really entertaining.

Books so far this month:
I've currently read 9 this month and I hope to get at least another 10 by the end of the month. My goal for the year is 200 but I’m at 52 which I think is good but Goodreads says I’m 3% and 6 books behind I think I should read a bunch of novellas to catch up. I’ve read some awesome books this month, and still have a lot of exciting ones to come.

I’m super crafty, be it sketching, making bracelets, crocheting, and jewelry making. I’ve started making a simple bead ring which I think is super cute. Granted they aren’t perfect yet but I’m still learning. I also decided it’s time to get back to making a crochet blanket as well as this quilt and finish some new bracelet patterns.

Puppy Update:
12 Weeks Monday 35lbs looking great. He’s a keeper if only I can teach him what is ok and what’s not ok to bite but he’s learning and getting better every day. Walking almost daily with the puppy longer walks all the time. I need to get back into daily Zumba and I think I'm going to start this program Crys Book Reviews did a few weeks ago (Here)

I'm slacking big time. I need to get on it, however I still have months to catch up. 
I'm thinking of challenging myself fitness wise as well as to write a cookbook. We will see how that goes . 

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