Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: Neophyte

Title - Neophyte
Author - Emmalee Aple
Series - Linked #1
Genre - YA Paranormal
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published - February 22nd 2012
Publisher - Emmalee Aple

Addisyn White thought she had her new life, her after life, all figured out. Granted death had not brought her to the pearly white gates, she hadn’t even left Earth. But death had its perks; she got to live forever with her best friend and her assigned Link of Angels, in a beautiful beach house. Even with the changes she was going through to turn her human body into an angelic one, everything seemed pretty easy. Until a gray winged angel comes into her life, then all the secrets and lies her Link had been keeping start crumbling away, exposing a whole new world of dangers she didn’t even know about. 

Now Addisyn must fill in the blanks before things escalate too far. Will she save her Link? Or will she be buried in their secrets forever?

I received this book as a R2R. I was excited to read Neophyte because it's my first angel book. The cover is beautifully designed, it instantly drew me in.

The story is about Addison a 17 year old girl who has died and come back to start the transition to become a angel. Her best friend Hunter happens to be a angel but she didn't know that till after she died. After Addison dies she joins Hunter's link, it's a connection to the other 4 angels she will be living with. Two of the angels Everett and Wilhelm who have never been human, they where born angels. Graham and Greysan are twins who used to be human but have already transitions through the process of being angels and have been for a long time. Hunter also used to be human like the twin, he shares a special connection to Addison. The four men feel very strongly about protecting Addison till she has transitioned to full angel, there are those out there who want to control her turn her against them.

Addison is attacked by a grey winged angel who happens to be a former link member, it ends in the death of the angel. This starts a attack on her link from the rival grey winged angels link. Through out the book she spends time finding her feelings for Greysan, and avoiding being taken by Farran the leader of the grey winged angels.

I found the book difficult to read, I just had a hard time staying focused. I think maybe I had to high of expectations that when it didn't suck me right in it became hard for me. I really wanted to love this book but for me it just wasn't my cup of tea. I think the characters are well written and created I could visualize them in my mind. For me this just wasn't my kind of book. It could be I just wasn't into the angel mood as I thought. I think overall it is a good book but it's just not for me.

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