Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: The Journals of Kara and Jason

Title - The Journals of Kara and Jason
Author - Charlie Wood
Genre - YA Sci fi Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle ecopy
Published - March 4th 2013


A different kind of paranormal romance.

Eighth grade is not going well for fourteen-year-old Kara Bridges. Her best friend Stace has suddenly stopped talking to her, and she is having a hard time adjusting to life without her only real friend.

Luckily for Kara, she soon meets Jason, a foreign exchange student from Europe. And though Jason is more than a little awkward, he and Kara quickly form a friendship, bonding over what it's like to feel like an outsider who doesn't belong.

However, when Jason suddenly returns four years later when Kara is a senior in high school, she realizes not everything was what it seemed. Kara's world—and the way she looks at the world—is about to change forever.

THE JOURNALS OF KARA AND JASON is a 40,000-word novel about being young, falling in love, and all the terrible, wonderful feelings that come along with it.


I received The Journals of Kara and Jason from the author Charlie Wood in return for an honest review. The story is about two very different 8th graders who form a unique connection changing their lives forever. Kara’s been ditched by her best friend, forced to reach out and make new friends which is how she meets Jason. Jason is a foreign exchange student from Europe who’s a little quiet more the observing type where everything is a new experience to him. Kara reaches out to him when she sees him sitting alone, which starts a fast friendship. 

Both Kara and Jason each write daily in a journal detailing the day how they are feeling and their budding friendship. As the school year progresses, they become inseparable at school as well as hanging out together even staying up late talking on the phone. As the last football game comes around everyone is going as couple’s and Kara decides she will be the one to ask Jason thinking he won’t ask her. However Jason is forced to leave the night of the game before he can tell Kara what’s happened leaving her in the dark as much as his host family. Though it won’t be the last time Kara sees Jason as he returns to her four years later ready to risk it all and tell her what really happened.

I’m a fan of Charlie Wood I love his The Strike Trilogy so of course I was thrilled when the chance came up for his new paranormal romance. I found the Journals of Kara and Jason to be a very sweet story about two people from different worlds who conquered their difference to find love. The story is beautifully written giving a point of view from both characters. I love the cover it reminds me of the journals I used to keep as a kid as well as the notebook I use for my blog very cute. I really think both Kara and Jason are great characters they are the kind of kids I would have been friends with in school. What I thought was great is the story is clean which is refreshing because younger teens as well as adults will enjoy the story. I found the concept captivating it sparked my imagination making it hard for me to stop reading. I finished in one after, and I look forward to seeing what Charlie Wood comes up with next. 
5 out of 5 stars 

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