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Review: Dead Radiance

Title - Dead Radiance
Author - T.G. Ayer 
Series - Valkyrie #1
Genre - YA Mythology 
Published - February 25th 2012
Format - Ebook Review Copy


Bryn Halbrook had always seen the glow. But it is only when her best friend dies that she discovers the meaning of those beautiful golden auras — Death. Alone, lost in the foster system, she struggles to understand who she is and why she was cursed with the ability to see the soon-to-be-dead. 

The new foster kid, Aidan, isn’t helping any. Mr. Perfect seems to fit in no matter what, making her feel even more pathetic. But when his affections turn to her, Bryn finds him hard to resist. Impossible actually. A mystery himself, Aidan disappears, leaving behind a broken heart and a mysterious book that suggests Bryn might not be entirely human.

Bryn stands at the threshold of a journey of discovery. Will destiny help her find herself, find her purpose and her place in a world in which she’d never belonged?

That day I knew for sure. I'd lost control of my tears then. They fell in huge, mocking drops. I stared at Joshua through those bitter tears, my heart missing beats as I tried to remember to breathe.

I finally knew what the glow meant.

I was a freak and Joshua was going to die.


I received Dead Radiance in return for an honest review from the author T.G. Ayer. Bryn has been in foster care ever since her father passed away. She has the ability to see people glowing golden but it’s not till a fellow student then her best friend die does she learn that the golden color means they are destined to die. After being blamed for the death of her best friend by the town a new boy shows up at her foster house that Bryn finds herself drawn to. She’s not the only one a rival girl also wants Aidan’s attention.

One night after Aiden heads out she checks out the books he’s been studying learning that he’s translating Norse text. However it’s not till after he suddenly disappears from foster care does Bryn find the book he left for her as a warning. She finds the picture of an ancient Valkyrie who looks just like her in every way. Causing her to question the research her father had been doing before he passed away. One night not long after Aidan left that she comes home to find him as well as another man looking for her, instead of turning her in her foster mother Ms. Custer tells them she’s run away. However before she can run away she’s knocked unconscious.

Bryn wakes up in Asgard learning that she is one of Odin’s Valkyries the legendary Brynhilde. She is trained to fight, tested proving she is the Brunhilde, and even receives her wings. It’s on her first retrieval of the warriors she learns that Aidan has been murdered and it’s her job to bring him to Valhalla where he will become a warrior. She also finds out the three others from Craven that she knows will also join the warrior ranks. However before they can even start their training Aidan is chosen by Freya to be her warrior, and she uses it against Bryn forcing her to collect her necklace. Together Aidan and Bryn will have a week to recover her necklace or Aidan will be lost forever, but it won’t be easy.

Wow! I found Dead Radiance to be a captivating story it was hard to put down. The story is beautifully written it just captures the mind. I've always been a huge fan of anything paranormal but this is my first Valkyrie and Norse mythology story and I loved it. I love Bryn she’s just an amazing character I found myself connecting with her and she’s so innocent yet tough. I love how she risks it all for love, plus she doesn't need a man to fight her battles I love tough girls. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about Aidan I wanted to like him but when he betrayed Bryn I was sure but in the end I found him to be exactly what our tough Valkyrie needs. I honestly didn't want the story to end I want to know what’s going to happen to Aidan and Bryn. I think Dead Radiance is one of the best mythology stories I've read, granted I haven’t read a lot but it’s number 1 in my book. I can’t wait to start the next book. I highly recommend if you’re into mythology to check it out plus it’s a clean story that teens as well as adults will enjoy. You can’t go wrong. 

5 out of 5 stars

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