About Me

Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting my little bookish blog.
I'm Mandy a book obsessed coffee drinking crafty nerd living in Northern California. 

A little about me:

I'm a nerdy girl who has been obsessed with books for as long as I can remember. My parents encouraged my love of books with lots of visits to the library. Now I have my own little library and I'm constantly adding to the collection. 

I'm currently a Tea addict but I still like a nice cup of hot coffee. However, I drink several cups all day long of lovely hot tea. I'm a coffee cup hoarder too, the collection is always growing. I also have a tea addiction that I'm constantly added to. I have so much tea I may never have to buy tea again but that won't stop me from buying new flavors. 

I've always been very crafty I love to sew, crochet, cross stitching, and always looking for new projects on Pinterest to try. I'm kind of like my mom I'm great at starting projects but seem to be terrible when it comes to finishing things. Don't get me wrong I do finish a lot of stuff but not a faction of stuff I want to do. 

Food is also a big part of my life. I've always been a stress baker since I could remember. I've currently got sourdough start taking over my house because it needs to be fed daily and used every few days. One of these days I'll toss it in the fridge for the moment it's constantly sourdough baking at my house. I'm always adding new recipes to try, and love to cook. 

I'll admit it because I've been admitting it a lot my Air Fryer has quickly become my favorite kitchen gadget. I could give up everything else but the air fryer has changed our lives. I've been making Fritters the donut recently trying new flavor combos. I've got about a million things I want to try over the next few months and I'll be sharing my air fry adventure. 

I love movies and TV shows it's perfect to watch while being craft, blogging or just when I'm not reading. I'm so used to noise with the kids the TV has become a background noise because without it life is so quiet. I love Anime, anything with monsters, and open to just about anything. I watch a lot of TV with my other half. 

I'm a gamer it's been a hobby of mine since I was young with my dad. I'm currently a xbox gamer but maybe one day I'll move to pc. Recently it's been ARK, Halo, Sea of Thieves. We are always trying new game pass games. 

I have 2 kids who are my world Izzy is 12 and Corbin will be 21 this year. Gosh some days I feel so old but most days I feel good. 

I'm a huge Instagram fan check me out (Here)

My furkid
Grimm ~ Husky/Malamute 
He's my buddy a pain in the butt some days but always love 

I read lots of fiction not very much non-fiction. I'm currently working on my first non-fiction book in maybe 8 years. I have an endless list of fiction I hope to read in the near future. 
It's like they say read 1 add 10 to my To Read List.

You can contact me anytime at


  1. Hello! I nominated you for Liebster Award because I just discovered your blog and think it's amazing! Can't wait to explore your blog and read you reviews!

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  3. Hey Mnady, really enjoy your blog, love the layout! I've nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers award due to its beauty ;) See the rules here: http://lessrealitymorebooks.blogspot.ie/

    Fellow book blogger Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

  4. Crafty people are always being distracted by a new project. I have a house full of "UFOs". These days I'm having trouble finding time to crochet or knit because I want to be reading. I need to start listening to audio books while I work with yarn so I can kill two birds with one stone (as it were).

    1. That's one of my goals for 2016. To listen to audios while I crochet and learn to knit =D Looks like we have the same mind set. I hate to admit I have so many "UFOs" =D

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