Friday, May 10, 2024

Book Review: Beautiful Beast

Title - Beautiful Beast
Author - Devyn Sinclair 
Genre - Romance, Omegaverse, Why Choose, Fantasy 
Format - Arc review copy 
Published - May 2nd 2024
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Standing in front of a dragon means dying by fire, but the heart knows there’s more than one way to burn.

Humans and dragons are at war, and I am a pawn in the battle.

Princess of a dying land, my life is not my own, and a marriage to a vicious, dragon-hunting prince will save my people from deadly famine or death by fire.

But before I can vow my life to a monster, dragons drop screaming from the sky with a single aim. End the alliance. Kill me. I welcome the flames, relieved to burn instead of rot.

But the flames never come.

One look in the dragons' eyes, and they carry me away. Three dragons whose gaze burns with hunger and fills me with fire.

They're not what we were taught, and every passing day I learn more of the truth. Dragons are not the enemy we thought they were.

Still, one question remains: for centuries no one has stood before a dragon and survived. If these dragons were sent to kill me, why am I still alive?


I received Beautiful Beast in return for a honest review from Chaotic Creatives Influencers. 

Lena is set to be married to a man who is as brutal as they come, forced into a marriage she doesn't want but at the very last minute she's kidnapped by dragons. Suddenly everything has changed as three dragon shifters who were sent to kill her find themselves face to face with their mate. Will they be forced to kill Lena or will they be bound to her forever? 

Gosh I love Lena so much she's such a great character, you can't help cheering her on through her adventures with her trio of dragon shifters. I think her dragon's are just perfect for her they each complement the other as they have been bound for many years. She's just what they needed as the world is slowly dying. However, danger is looming in the distance as war is just around the corner. 

I devoured Beautiful Beast in just one session I was captivated right from the start and couldn't put it down. The characters are easy to connect with you can't help loving Lena and her men. I'm obsessed with the story it's beautifully written and the author does an amazing job telling a captivating story. I've only read a few of the authors books but I'm a huge fan she's a very talented storyteller and I'm quickly working my way through her backlist. She's one of my new favorite authors and a autobuy for me. This is a cliffhanger that left me screaming at the book as I read the last page. I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment. Highly recommend if you like a why choose steamy fantasy romance. 

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