Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Teaser Tuesday!


I'm starting the second book in the Grave Reaping series by Everlyn C. Thompson. 
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“Put your damn pants on!”

I kept my exasperated gaze on the scarred hardwood floor to avoid the blatant display of male nudity. 

“Pants. Now.” I enunciated each world clearly, as if I was speaking to a toddler. 


After surviving a horrific attack by a dark fae, Theodora Edwards is happy to put the magical world of Fairie firmly in the past—until she learns the reason behind the abrupt disappearance of Farranen, the guardian of the gate. Unfortunately, her improvised rescue attempt ends in death—her death.

As if surviving death isn’t weird enough, her magic takes on a life of its own and starts creating flawed ghosts. While struggling to control her magic, she’s forced to deal with a deadly band of pixies, amorous advances from the intimidating dark prince, and political upheaval in Fairie that’s left the entire realm in chaos.

What are you currently reading?

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