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Book Tour & Review: Broken Romeo

I was looking for a job, not a Romeo… because everyone knows how that story ends.

Broken Romeo, an all-new enemies to lovers, second chance romance, and the first book in the Shattered Hearts series from USA Today bestselling author Katana Collins is now available!

I’ve got three hundred bucks left in my bank account, two jobs, and one final chance to make it as an actress in New York City.

After years of being a chorus girl, I arrive at my first Broadway audition for a leading role thinking I finally have a shot at making it...until I come face to face with the director, Holden James—the rich quarterback from college who broke my heart and stabbed me in the back three years ago.

But I’m not the same girl I was in college. And unlike three years ago, I now know just what—and who—I’m dealing with. This time, I know how to play the game. In this cutthroat business, I need to remember the truest theatrical lesson of all:

For never was a story of more woe... than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Book Review
I received an Arc of Broken Romeo in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Literally Yours PR.
Kate has already had her one chance to make it into acting brutal taken away from her and it's now her last chance fate seems to be working against her as her past has come back to haunt her in the way of Holden. Will she finally get the chance to preform or will things come crashing down again?
I loved Kate she's just a sweetheart and she's had a rough go at making it as an actress but it's not for lack of trying. She determined and not willing to give up no matter who is in the way. I wasn't sure about Holden as we see little blips of their past and I really like him. He's grown on me as the story progresses but Kate is my favorite of the duo. She's just everything I needed from a leading lady and such a sweetie even if Holden is swoon worthy. 
I ended up devouring Broken Romeo in one session it was hard to put down I just had to know how Kate and Holden's story was going to play out. I found the concept interesting it's a unique idea because I've not read many stories set around broadway plays and really enjoyed it. The characters are easy to connect with and the story is a perfect enemies to lovers romance.
I found Broken Romeo to be a captivating story that captured my heart as well as my imagination. The author has done a beautiful job creating an enchanting story that left me wanting more. I'm a touch obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and the author nailed it. My only complaint is I have to wait for the next one and I can't wait to continue Kate and Holden's story. 

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Keep reading for a look inside Broken Romeo!

My shoulders go rigid. I have thirteen missed calls.


Most days, I get one or two calls tops… and they’re usually spam. 

Not only do I have thirteen missed calls, but I have thirteen new voice messages. All from the same 516 area code.

I press play and hold the phone up to my ear. 

Holden’s voice filters from the speaker. “Kate, it’s me. Look, we need to talk. I don’t want to have this conversation over the phone—”

She wasn’t exactly memorable back then. The echo of his voice roils my stomach, and I pull the phone away from my ear to look at the phone number he called from. 

The same number as the other twelve messages—Holden’s number. 

Holden called me thirteen times. 

My breath catches. I haven’t known his number for years. I haven’t known how to reach him, despite the multiple pissed off speeches I’ve memorized through the years. Speeches I thought he’d never hear because I never had a way to contact him… 

Until now. 

The power of that makes my heart patter against my ribcage with the speed of a hummingbird’s wings.

 It’s a power I shouldn’t be trusted with. 

I delete the messages and shove my phone back deep into my pocket as Jill gives me a questioning glance. “Who was that?” 

My throat tightens. She’s the one person I can’t lie to. “It was him.” 

Her eyes go wide, filling with hope. “Maybe—”

 “No,” I cut her off. 

“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” 

Curt finishes taking an order and scribbles some initials onto a cup, then thrusts it at me to make the iced matcha latte. I bend, retrieving the green powder from its container, and toss a scoop in the bottom of the cup. 

“Fine,” I concede, uncapping the almond milk. 

“What were you going to say?”

“Maybe he’s calling to offer you the part—” 

“No,” I answer again, shoving the ice scoop into the bin. 

“But how do you know?” 

“I just do.” I dump the ice into the tea shaker, then push the lid on top. Giving it a good shake, I speak over the clatter. “If you’re being offered a role, the director isn’t the one who calls you. The casting director calls your agent. Then your agent calls you with the contracts that you comb through before there’s any formal acceptance.”

I hate the deflated look on Jill’s face. In some ways, she’s taking this even harder than I am. 

Or I’m just that good at shutting off my emotions. 

Which is the exact reason I didn’t get the part. Because Holden knows me too well. He knows I have trouble connecting, exposing my vulnerable side. Especially with him. 

“The only reason Holden would call me himself is if I didn’t get the part, and he thinks this somehow makes him the hero to tell me in person.” I stare into the frothy light green beverage and snap the lid on top, avoiding Jill’s pitying stare. 

A deep voice speaks up, resonating over the ambient noise of the coffee shop. “Maybe if you returned my calls, you’d know what the hell I wanted.” 

My breath stalls halfway out of my lungs, and I snap my gaze up. 


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