Thursday, February 16, 2023

Book Review: Ash

    Title - Ash
Series - Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld # 2
Author - C.D. Gorri
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - May 31st 2022 
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This Demon is about to get schooled by a human!

Sunday school teacher, Gabriella Keen, is looking for Mr. Right. What happens when her perfect match is from Hell? Literally.

The Demon of Lust is on the prowl. When rumors spread that Ashmedai is looking for a mate, everyone wants a chance to be this Prince of Hell's main squeeze.

Can this Demon find love with the curvy goody two shoes?

Ash is book two in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with lustful demons, goody two shoes shifters, and more.

Gabriella is struggling to find her place in the world it's hard to find a teaching job. So when things didn't work out on the east coast her step-mom gives her a chance to start over on the west coast. She finds a job working as a Sunday school teacher in the church she grew up in but she not meeting anyone. Hoping to help her step-mom invites her out to a round of speed dating in which she meets her fated mate. 

I like Gabriella she's this super sweet girl who found the tortured bad boy but who's the good guy Ash. I love the chemistry that the pair have it's heating up and has nothing to do with being in the underworld. I love the speed dating concept this isn't my first experience with Eve and Aphrodite's speed dating night.

The series is a bunch of authors each writing a different book in the series all following the basic idea that the couple met at speed dating. I really enjoyed getting to know Ash as I haven't read a lot of demon romance books. The author is new to me and after falling in love with her storytelling style I will be checking out her other books. Highly recommend if you love sweet paranormal romance. 

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