Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Book Review: All Work and No Slay

 Title - All Work and No Slay 
Author - Skye Sullivan 
Series - Witches of Devil's Orchard #1  
Genre - Paranormal Mystery
Format - Kindle
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Bobbi Brooks has enough trouble keeping her cafe from burning down on the best of days. Learning she has fire-magic? It's bound to go up in flames...

It's a beautiful day in the small town of Devil's Orchard when Bobbi's grandmother informs her she's actually a witch. Not just any old witch, either.

Bobbi is part of a long line of demon-slayers.

Bobbi, who can't step on a cockroach without squealing, is a demon-slayer? Yeah right. She's tempted to write the whole thing off as a stress-induced hallucination. Especially when the dumpster-diving fox starts talking...

But then she stumbles over a body that's unfortunately very real, and very dead, and life gets even more complicated. Because people in small towns love to talk. Like about how great a shot her grandmother is with her little .22 pistol. And how her dislike of the dead guy gives her motive. Or how she's just crazy enough to pull the trigger.

They're not technically wrong, but Bobbi knows her grandmother's innocent, and she'll do whatever she can to prove it. Even if she has to find the killer herself.

She'll have to use her newfound magic to do so, but a spell is just a recipe, and Bobbi's good at following those.

This witch thing should be easy... Right?

All Work and No Slay is a hilarious, full-length paranormal cozy mystery filled with plenty of sass, snark, sarcasm, spells, snooping, snacks, spirits and sleuthing. And one of Bobbi's prized recipes!


Bobbie is just a local cafe owner with a unique granny and trying to make it through each day. Her old best friend has moved home to be a local cop and he's not the tall lanky boy she remembers but he didn't return home alone. When the local thorn in everyones side turns up dead in her shop freezer the local's are pointing fingers and hr granny is looking a little more like a suspect. 

In order to prove her granny is innocent she needs to find the killer before it's too late and they strike again. As if finding a killer isn't enough to keep her busy she learns that she's also a witch and future Guardian of the Rift. At least she's come into her magic so she has some tricks up her sleeve and she's got her sassy fox familiar by her side. Will they find the murder before it's too late? 

I love Bobbie she's clearly my spirit character she spends her days making these amazing lunchbox's and spends her evenings reading. She's just adorable her character I found refreshing she feels so real and I just love her. Her sassy fox and granny are the perfect complement to Bobbi a perfect team. 

This is my first book by the author totally picked it based on the cover had a house which could be the haunted house in the story. I love the authors storytelling she's created a captivating hilarious story that was hard to put down I had to know what would happen next. I plan to continue on the series because I can't wait to see what happens with Bobbi in the next book and see what our next recipe is. I think I'm going to try them out. Highly recommend for fans of fun paranormal mysteries.

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