Friday, October 14, 2022

Book Review: The Dark Bite


Title - The Dark Bite  
Author - Leia Stone 
Series - Vampire Hunter Society 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle 
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Vampires are the spawn of the devil. Evil to the core... or so I thought, until one of them saves my life.

As a member of the House of Rose, a division of the Vampire Hunter Society, I've got one of the highest kill records on file. I track my mark and don't stop until the job is done.

That is, until my mark saves my life. Luka Drake isn't like the vampires I've been hunting for the past five years, and despite the fact that he's a vampire prince fresh out of Magic City Prison for committing God knows what crime, I can't kill him.

My only other option is to walk away and pretend our paths never crossed. I'm about to pull it off but Luka pulls me back, and in the worst way possible, in a way that changes everything.

This is a full-length slow burn paranormal romance for readers that love Jaymin Eve, Linsey Hall and K.F. Breene.


Aspen in an orphan raised to be a lethal vampire hunter it's all she's known her whole life. She's rising up the ranks quickly never missing her mark until the day she has Luka Drake in her sights. What should have been a quick easy kill goes terribly wrong and Aspen finds herself saved by the vampire she was sent to kill. In return she does something for him that changes both of their lives binding them forever. 

Meeting Luka has changed Aspens life in more than she ever imagined. He's not the vampire she expected him to be. Which forces her to question everything she's know about vampire and the life she was raised in. Maybe they aren't the blood sucking killers that she's been led to believe. Aspen will have to choose to believe the truth of keep her head in the sand. 

I knew this one was going to be amazing as we had a taste of Luka from the Wolf Girl series which I love. I just love Aspen right from the start she's this spunky red head who is bad-ass in her own right. She and Luka who have this instant chemistry that works if they can both accept they are in this together. I love that Demi and the crew are in this one as she's one of my all time favorite characters and I've missed her. 

Leia Stone is an auto buy must read author for me. I've read most of her book and truly love every story each one. She creates these worlds filled with unique characters that capture the heart as well as the imagination. It's impossible not to love every book she's written. I admit this one has sat on the shelf far longer than it should have because it's amazing. I devoured it in just one afternoon. A must read if you love action packed slow burn romance. 

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