Wednesday, May 18, 2022

RELEASE BLITZ - The Escape by A.K. Steel

Title: The Escape
Series: Secrets of the Harper Sisters #2
Author: A.K. Steel
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 18, 2022

He tells me I’m his perfect escape. But not every escape goes to plan…

I’m Jasmine Harper. Smart, driven and a total perfectionist in everything I do. I know what I want from my life and how to get it. Everything that is, except the perfect man. No one I date compares to the impossible standard I’ve built up in my head. I’m a romantic at heart. I’m sure he exists somewhere; I just haven’t found him yet.

And then, in the most unlikely of places, there he is.

The location? After Dark – an exclusive sex club catering to the rich and famous. The man? Axel Stone – a gorgeous billionaire MMA fighter with a dangerous past. The sex? The kinkiest and best of my life.

When we’re together, his troubles disappear. And even though my heart says run, my body says stay. But who will get the final say when his past resurfaces, forcing him to fight for everything? Will he lose it all or can we pull off the perfect escape?

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I feel dizzy. I accepted his offer. Axel Stone's outrageous offer of ten grand. Yeah, the club takes their cut, but I still end up with a lot. I would have slept with him for nothing. He's all kinds of swoony, and I’ve thought about him a lot since our coffee chat in my breakroom on Monday. But as I walk toward him now, I can barely breathe. I'm lightheaded in a way I have never been before. In a room full of crazy-beautiful woman, why would he choose me? If Maeve didn't have me hooked by the arm, directing me through the mix of people, I would be stuck on the spot still gaping like a cod.
We come to a stop just before him and his equally good-looking friend. His stance is powerful, and in that charcoal suit, he's the type of guy that in any normal club would have a swam of scantily clad woman trying for his attention. I have to wonder why he needs to pay for the company of anyone.
His stare over me is commanding, and I peer up at him through long dark lashes, wondering what on earth he thinks of this version of me. I'm waxed and plucked and made up to perfection, with fake lashes and all; even I have to admit that when they finished with me, I was glowing with a sexy kind of radiance I didn't even know I had in me. And the dress that Maeve lent me, it's insane, all shimmery silver with a low back and mini skirt. I'm at a loss for what to say to him in this very unique situation, so I offer a shy smile instead. I had trouble talking to him normally, but like this now… I'm screwed.
Maeve has dropped my arm and is chatting to his friend in her usual flirtatious manner when a hot guy is around. She appears to know him. I'm guessing, by the way she touches his arm and hangs on his every word. I have to wonder how many men here she knows intimately.
Axel leans in closer, dropping his mouth to my ear. I'm grateful he’s happy to start the conversation. "I thought you were the good sister," he whispers, his question playful, and it sends a shiver through me. The good sister. That was me.
I swallow the lump that has formed in my throat and try to find my voice. "Maybe I want to try something new for a while. See how it fits. Being good was getting me nowhere." As the words leave my lips, I know I'm playing a dangerous game, but I'm beyond caring. I'm committed to this now. Even standing here before this sexy man, all dolled up like this, is making me feel more alive than I have in such a long time. I want to go down the rabbit hole that is this strange new world and see where it gets me. Good or bad, I want the experience.
"That sounds like a very good idea, gorgeous." His eyes flash with dark lust, and I feel my insides clench. "Would you like another drink?" he offers.


Free in Kindle Unlimited

I'm a contemporary romance author my novels feature swoony men, twists and turns and always a happily ever after.

I'm a busy mother of three pre-teens, who lives on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I have always been a creative soul, with a background in fashion design, interior decoration, and floristry. I currently run a business as a wedding florist and stylist, but have always had a love for reading romance novels, something about how the story can transport you to another world entirely.

So in 2020 I decided to jot down some of my own ideas for romance stories, always with a happily ever after of course, and from that came my debut novel Always Fraser. From that moment I haven't looked back, writing has become a part of me. I have a long list of stories plotted and I look forward to being able to share all my stories with you soon. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I loved writing them, xx


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