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COVER REVEAL - Knight's Legion MC Series: North Dakota Chapter by Naomi Porter

Series: Knight's Legion MC
North Dakota Chapter
Author: Naomi Porter
Genre: Steamy MC Romance
Cover Design: TRC Designs by Cat
Photo: Wander Aguiar

Releasing March 23
Model: Gobber V.

They say karma is a bitch.

I grew up around the notorious Knight's Legion MC in North Dakota.
They taught me two things.
One: Their family and club come first.
Two: Never betray a Knight.

Seven years ago, Cobra and I hurt each other in the worst way.
We’re horrible people.
Some say we’re made for each other.
Maybe we were, but not anymore.

Cobra’s out to prove me wrong and atone for his sins.
His love and devotion blindside me.
He forgives me for betraying him, but can I forgive him?
Is a second chance possible? Can we really be a family?

We’re within an inch of blissful happiness when pandemonium hits.
Karma strikes and bites us in the ass, turning our world upside down.
Who will pay the ultimate price this time?
Cobra? Me? Both of us?


Releasing May 4
Model: Andrew Biernat

What they say is true; only abstinence is a sure thing.

It was only three unforgettable encounters.
Still, what the biker doesn’t know won’t hurt him.
A sinful dirty talker, who calls me Nurse Naughty, isn’t daddy material.
Or is he?

When the truth comes out in the emergency room, Hustler claims me on the spot.
He won’t take “not in this lifetime” for an answer.
Can a bad boy, girl-chasing biker be trusted?

I don’t stand a chance when the Knight family worms their way into my heart.
They show me family is everything and prove it when danger strikes.

Hustler goes to the ends of the earth for the baby and me.
But is love, loyalty, and family enough to keep me around?
Can Hustler slay my fears and give me hope for the future?


Releasing July 27
Model: Clayton Wells

They say you can never go home again. I honestly can’t.

My greatest regret is leaving my only love, Jonah Knight, for bigger
and better things.
Now I’m a college dropout, too proud to hear I told you so.

Out of the blue, the cocky enforcer struts back into my life.
Things take an unexpected turn when he sees me showing off my assets while serving up drinks in a biker bar.

Buff makes good on a promise from long ago and captures me.
It sets off a chain reaction I didn’t see coming.

Caught in the middle of a deadly MC war,
I have only one choice, to leave my man to protect the Knight family.
But how can I when Jonah is my home?
If he’s right, our love will reign supreme.
If he’s wrong, it will burn to the ground.


Releasing October 5
Model: Jonny James

They say don’t drink too much tequila...

Funny, I can’t remember why.
Oh, right…
Or we’ll wake up chained to a wall.
The scary-ass biker staring at me says I’m paying for my father’s debt.

I’m devastated and scared.
Utterly clueless about my dad’s dirty dealings.
The tattooed, brooding biker isn’t helpful or friendly.
He just watches me with those laser-gray eyes.
But each day in the concrete box gets easier.

We talk. I laugh.
When he consoles me, I fall harder for my captor.
Then he kisses me, and I let nature take its course.
Could my horrible fate turn into a dream come true?

Our new love is tested, our devotion stretched.
I won’t let us break, but will Bone choose me?



Releasing January 4
They say never meet your heroes, especially the rockstar.

They’re full of crap.
Who doesn’t sizzle between the thighs over a lead singer in a rock band?
This biker princess totally does!
When the Knight’s Legion MC provides security for the Flaming Triads,
it isn’t the lead singer Flint who melts me.

The quiet drummer, Pyro, steals my attention.
I hear the cries of his damaged soul, though he ignores me.
When he gets lit up drunk after the concert, I strike.
Big mistake.

Pyro pushes me away.
I won’t beg or cry, not even for a Flaming Triads rockstar.
But I’m stubborn. Not one to give up so easily.

I show Pyro what he’s missing, making him jealous.
It works, and he gives in.
We’re explosive in and out of the bedroom.

Our love knows no bounds.
It makes us vulnerable as we soon find out when we’re torn apart.


Releasing February 22
Model: Lucas Loyola

They say love hurts, and life’s a circus.

I don’t care what they say.
Spectre, the sergeant at arms of the Knight’s Legion MC, is worth a fractured heart.
Like him, I love my freedom too.
I’m down for anything with that biker.

What happens next, I didn’t see coming.
My parents kick me out of the house.
Spectre feels obligated to help me.
But I’ll be no one’s burden.
He can have his freedom. I won’t tie him down.

Little did I know, he actually loves me.
Maybe what I think is bad luck is a beautiful stroke of luck.

If only I’d known his feelings before getting mixed up with the carnies.



Naomi Porter always had a knack for storytelling, and she’s finally putting pen to paper to share with you, the reader. Whether she is trying to stay warm in the freezing winter weather or cool in the sweltering heat, she’s pounding away at the keys of her laptop to bring you the latest gritty motorcycle club romance or decadent billionaire saga, or an outlandish, heart-stopping sexy drama.

No matter what story she’s telling, you can bet it has sexy as sin men, sassy and confident women, and plenty of sizzling passion. Her Knight's Legion MC universe is her obsession and it’s growing with the North Dakota chapter. Enter Naomi's naughty world today!


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