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RELEASE BLITZ - Ruthless Letters by M.L. Philpitt

Title: Ruthless Letters
Series: Captive Writings #1
Author: M.L. Philpitt
Genre: New Adult Bully Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2022


In order to protect you, I needed to lose you—to give you up. For years I’ve been tormented knowing another man is touching you, earning moans from you that should be mine, and knowing you love him for it. In order for this to work though, I must wait my turn.

But now I’m back, Dolly, and I’m coming for you. Remember the games we played in high school? We’re all grown up now, so this round will be on an entirely new level, and I hope you’re ready. I’ll steal your happiness, and then when you’re alone with nothing and no one, I’ll steal you. After all, it’s fair, don’t you think?

You think I’m the monster, when all I’ve ever done is defend you from the true villain. And this time is no different.

Ready? Set… Go.

Ruthlessly yours,

Ruthless Letters is the first book in the Captive Writings series, which must be read in order. Ruthless Letters is a grey bully romance with content some readers may find triggering.


Today. Final stage. I send the text before concentrating on the laptop in front of me.
The portable printer I have set up in the basement buzzes to life and begins spitting out pages upon pages of old emails and text messages. My stomach twists as guilt threatens to eat at my insides.
Guilt can go fuck itself. It’s the last necessary step in my plan. The school was a breeze. It’s amazing what happens when money gets involved. Now, to break her and her boyfriend up. It’s astonishing how much power humans give technology. It’ll be but a few text messages to bring her happy relationship crashing down.
And then she’ll be mine to take once more. Mine to touch, to hold, to—
“Hey.” Tristan appears at the top of the stairs. His hand clings to the wooden beam above and he leans on it, adopting a weird ass lazy-looking position. “So, this is it, huh? You ready?”
“Yes.” She’ll be left without no one and nothing soon—nothing but me. My doll will need a new shelf to sit on and I’ve been polishing mine for her. “Where is he?”
“In place,” Tristan responds immediately. “As soon as you make the delivery, he’s good to go.”
The purrs of the printer finally stop and I lift the stack, scanning the top one. It’s these simple papers that will crumble Elena.
“She’ll ask about all this at some point, Ryker. She’s not who she was in high school. She’ll only amuse you for so long, considering how it’s her entire life being ruined.”
He thinks I’m not aware? I’m the one who knows how Elena Sparks works—how she ticks. Hell, I’m the one to make her tick. I’m aware of how she thinks, what she likes, and what will break her. Tristan may have been around for the past four years, but it changes nothing. A century could pass and I’d still know her as well as I know myself.
Steeling my patience, my teeth press hard together, my tone still sharp. “I’m aware.” And I’m prepared. Answers need to come out at some point. My doll will soon know who is to blame here.
“If you’re sure.”
My chin juts as annoyance weaves its way into my mind and banishes all forms of manners from me. “What’s it matter to you anyway? Have you been watching your mark? You have better things to do than worry about mine.”
Tristan straightens and crosses his arms. “Prickly fucker,” he grumbles, though not as quiet as I’m sure he’s aiming for. Louder, he answers, “She doesn’t seem to do much. I’m not sure what she knows, but I’m continuing to work out a plan.”
“Good.” I give a sharp nod. “Focus on that.”
I stuff the pages into a manila envelope and stride away, leaving him behind in the room of all our secrets and plans.
Excitement thrums through me, quickening my steps up the wooden stairs and out the door.
Ready or not, here I come, Dolly.


Releasing April 13


M.L. Philpitt is Canadian-born and raised, and enjoys representing Canada within her novels. As a Ravenclaw, she loves education, having undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Sociology, a certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences, and a MA in Counselling Psychology.
She writes in various romance new adult genres including paranormal, fantasy, dark romance, and contemporary. She has lots of crazy trapped in her head for readers to enjoy.
When M.L. Philpitt isn’t making up stories, she’s devouring those imagined by other authors. Her love of reading began when she was a young child and only grew with age. She enjoys many genres, as reflected in her writing preferences.


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